8 BAMF Dorka – Like a Dora, but a little dumber

QIC:  Tatonka

Date: 11/29/2021

PAX: AOL, Bandwagon, Bernie, Choo Choo, iLean, Lutefisk, M.I.A., Mandela, Mr. Burns, Picabo, Seagull, Sea Through, Toe Tag, Uncle Joe, Wuzn’tMe

AO: Hacksaw


Low 30s, low wind. Cold but manageable as long as Q kept PAX moving


SSH x10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC
SSH x10 IC
Reverse LBAC x10 IC
SSH x10 IC
Seal Claps x 10 IC
SSH x10 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs x10 IC
SSH x10 IC

The Thang

8 BAMF Dorka
PAX partner up

Partner 1 runs a lap of the inside circle
Partner 2 completes the designated exercise until Partner 1 returns
Partner 1 then begins doing designated exercise while Partner 2 runs

A typical Dora consists of completing a set number of reps of each exercise before switching to the next exercise. This workout did not have a goal rep count of each exercise. Rather, PAX continued with one exercise until Q called for a switch. Hence this was a Dorka, kind of like a Dora but a little dumber.

Exercises completed were:
8 count bodybuilders x 5 min
Big Boy Sit Ups x 5 min
Air Squats x 5 min
Mountain Climbers x 5 min
Flutter Kicks x 5 min

After 5 minutes of flutter kicks, PAX performed the following:

Indian Run
Merkin Circle – PAX position themselves in high plank position. Q completes one merkin while rest of PAX hold high plank. Next PAX in line completes one merkin followed by next PAX in line who completes one merkin, etc. When it gets back to Q, Q completes 2 merkins. Next PAX in line completes 2 merkins, etc. We repeated this process to a 5 merkin count.

Finished with 2 minutes of Mary


Mark 10:45 – “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

I spoke on the importance of being a servant to others, especially this time of year. It’s easy to get caught up in material things around the holidays, but service towards others comes in many forms and can be often overlooked. My pastor spoke on it a month ago and told everyone to set a daily alarm for 10:45 AM that says, “Mark 10:45 – How can I be a servant today?” This daily reminder helps keep me in check and forces me to think about ways I can serve others in my daily life to ultimately live a more Christlike lifestyle.


It turns out that no gloves while planking on concrete for several minutes is not a great combination. Just ask Mandela.

Picabo looked entirely too excited for his turn in Mary when he called 1 minute plank to end the workout.

M.I.A. loved the Q’s music selection so much. He neglected to point it out until he was thanking him for his leadership in the slack channel later that morning.


Chubbies is always looking for volunteers on Monday nights to minister to Chattanooga’s homeless population. Talk to Mayhem or check the serve schedule on the 3rd-F slack channel if you are interested in helping out.

Several guys have come down with injuries or other life events that are going to keep them away from F3 for a while. Not everyone has another outlet for fellowship so make sure to reach out to guys to check in with them.

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