Please Insert Your Card Into My Slot


Date: 1/3/2022

PAX: Abercrombie, Blackout, Face Plant, Full Moon, Jaws, Ramrod, Tatonka, Tinder, Toe Tag  

AO: Hacksaw


The ground was soaked from days of rain, the air was getting colder by the minute and we all shared the stiffest of breezes.


FF, Stretches, Arm Circles, etc.

Followed by a mosey to the parking lot by the hill.

The Thang

PAX circled up, and all PAX were informed of the location of the Hacksaw Flag… at the top of the hill. PAX in turn visited the flag to draw a card from a workout deck located by the flag. All PAX not traveling to the flag completed the exercise given until the next card arrived back at the circle of PAX. Any participant may stop completing the exercise in order to run to join the PAX traveling to the flag.

Alternating Side Squats,
Plank Jacks,
Low and Slow Squats,
Shoulder Taps,
Freddie Mercuries,
Flutter Kicks

There were certainly more…

With 10 minutes remaining all PAX returned to the flag together, doing merkins until the 6 was in.

All PAX moseyed with flag (because YHC didn’t want to drive up there and pick it up and it was patriotic) to the pavilion.

And … time.


Goals are important to many people this time of year, but remember to set goals that don’t focus on bettering just yourself. How can you live third if you are putting yourself, your comfort, your image, your desires before others or before your creator?


The workout was high on the MC scale.

YHC requested each PAX to deposit his workout card into the slot of his fanny pack (which was also patriotic). Some didn’t know how to graciously accept the proffered slot.

Toe Tag somehow found a dry spot on the concrete which had been rained upon for 4 days. Then he proceeded to soil it… naturally.

Gale force winds were present at the top of the hill. And near Toe Tag.

Most of the PAX complained that there were too many squats cards pulled, but they all had a moment alone at the flag to sort through the cards, so integrity apparently won out.

6 PAX of the 10 participated in runnership prior to the beatdown, and none of them could feel their faces, nor did they complain (much).


Biggest Loser Challenge for any who want some accountability in meeting health goals.

Chubby’s: Mondays

4th F Weekend Coming up in May