Bucket list Beatdown at Hot Dam

QIC:  Dundee

Date: 10/20/2022


AO: Hot Dam


Everyone present enjoyed a perfect evening for a beatdown. Sixty-two degrees and the sun was shining.


A thorough disclaimer was issued, though it was made very clear that if any Pax was injured, they were on their own. No one was helping anyone back to their vehicle. Save that nonsense for the gloom.

SSH x 35
WMH x 10
3GE x 10
Shoulder Blasters

The Thang

On the hillside, cones were setup thirty yards apart. The format was double elevens. Two reps of the first exercise on one end, travel to the other, twenty reps of the second exercise on the other end. Travel back. Four reps of the first exercise, travel, eighteen reps of the second, travel. The Pax caught on to the idea pretty quickly. All Pax started at the bottom of the hill. First exercise was squats. Travel method up the hill was block bears (pax bear crawled up the hill, pulling the block). At the top of the hill, the exercise was merkins. Travel back to the bottom was rifle carries. Any Pax that finished early would join the six. Somehow, all Pax finished at exactly the same time. For the second round, first exercise was Imperial Walkers, second exercise was curls. Time ran out very early in the second round.


Mumble chatter was intense. A lot of colorful language not suitable for print was spilled. The Pax were unanimously opposed to doing more block bears despite completing 360 yards of them by the end of the workout.


3rd F opportunity Saturday morning at Shothouse following a beatdown.
Reminder that Chubbies is always looking for help on Monday nights.


Kraken Yoga

QIC:  M.I.A.

Date: 05/21/2022

PAX: AOL, Juice Box, Life Alert, Limu, Shake N Bake

AO: Legacy


Gloomy Perfection


  • 2 x Kraken Burpees
  • Mosey with blocks to the field at the park

The Thang

EMOM 2 x Kraken Burpees

Ladder after each rung run 30 yards to cones then return to start next rung

10 x Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

20 x Grave Diggers (easy count)

30 x Big Boys

40 x CPRs

50 x Ballerina Squats

60 x LBCs

70 x OH Presses

80 x SSH

90 x It doesnt matter nobody made it this far

100 x Curls


Talked about perseverance and the importance of doing hard things intentionally.


Thanks to AOL (actually Mothballs) for the use of his “speaker”. YHC has spent less money on multiple cars than that party box must have cost.

Everything after one minute was under duress from Life Alert.

Shake N Bake refused to talk to YHC.


2nd-F Channel
3rd-F Channel
Memorial Day Burph at The Dam
July events coming up (Fallen Five, Lookouts, Re-launch of Anvil Pound Town)

Recent Backblasts


    QIC: [Ducktales]

    Date: [2/23/2022]

    PAX: Rodeo, Flint, Radar, Sunscreen, Lanyard, Best in Show, White Glove

    AO: Ridgecut


    56 and sideways rain, the waterfall on Montlake road was RAGING on the Qs journey to ridge cut us.


    Triangle pose, forward fold (focusing on breathing during each pose)


    [40 lb sandback, 40 lb iron dumbells, 45 lb iron dumbells, 60 lb sand bag, various bricks and blocks.]
    Mosey to wall

    IC Muhammad Ali (while holding 90 degree legs

    IC Joe Frazier (still on the wall)


    Circle up to not get strung out holding plank, slow low pushups IC

    TO Exhaustion With Coupon

    Curls, then held plank til 6 could not produce any further reps

    switch coupons,

    overhead presses

    recovered to our 6s flutter kick IC

    Switch coupons, overhead squats

    recovered to our 6s again AMERICAN hammers IC (yes touching the ground and with our feet off the ground)

    Switch coupons, Curls to Al Gore

    5 Burpees OYO

    Rifle carry coupons to 50 yards

    RECOVERED on our 6s flutter kicks

    Superman IC

    Boat to Canoe IC

    Mosey back to wall, Overhead claps, seal claps

    Back to coupons RIFLE carry back to truck

    Curls til exhaustion, Al Gore

    Prosciutto’s Favorite Merican served 3 ways( wide,Standard,diamond) 5 rounds OYO

    put up coupons and wall sit by the non smelly BX dumpster and homage to Mr. Clean Bus Drivers IC

    Ran up the hill

    slow low squats IC


    side plank Left, then Right


    Every Man has his own Jester – man’s temptation of the flesh
    Some terms to keep your Jester in check


    The horizontal relationship between men. (Q1.7).


    Foundational precepts that protect and Incentivize Acceleration to Advantage.


    Flink earned his name today showing up on a gloomy very rainy start to the beatdown. We confided in our own injuries, and how we were not going to run much.

    Best in show made yoga weird, again.


    GORUCK Events – Basic: Chattanooga, TN (80th Anniversary) 04/08/2022 19:00

    Recent Backblasts

      Please Insert Your Card Into My Slot

      QIC: M.I.A.

      Date: 1/3/2022

      PAX: Abercrombie, Blackout, Face Plant, Full Moon, Jaws, Ramrod, Tatonka, Tinder, Toe Tag  

      AO: Hacksaw


      The ground was soaked from days of rain, the air was getting colder by the minute and we all shared the stiffest of breezes.


      FF, Stretches, Arm Circles, etc.

      Followed by a mosey to the parking lot by the hill.

      The Thang

      PAX circled up, and all PAX were informed of the location of the Hacksaw Flag… at the top of the hill. PAX in turn visited the flag to draw a card from a workout deck located by the flag. All PAX not traveling to the flag completed the exercise given until the next card arrived back at the circle of PAX. Any participant may stop completing the exercise in order to run to join the PAX traveling to the flag.

      Alternating Side Squats,
      Plank Jacks,
      Low and Slow Squats,
      Shoulder Taps,
      Freddie Mercuries,
      Flutter Kicks

      There were certainly more…

      With 10 minutes remaining all PAX returned to the flag together, doing merkins until the 6 was in.

      All PAX moseyed with flag (because YHC didn’t want to drive up there and pick it up and it was patriotic) to the pavilion.

      And … time.


      Goals are important to many people this time of year, but remember to set goals that don’t focus on bettering just yourself. How can you live third if you are putting yourself, your comfort, your image, your desires before others or before your creator?


      The workout was high on the MC scale.

      YHC requested each PAX to deposit his workout card into the slot of his fanny pack (which was also patriotic). Some didn’t know how to graciously accept the proffered slot.

      Toe Tag somehow found a dry spot on the concrete which had been rained upon for 4 days. Then he proceeded to soil it… naturally.

      Gale force winds were present at the top of the hill. And near Toe Tag.

      Most of the PAX complained that there were too many squats cards pulled, but they all had a moment alone at the flag to sort through the cards, so integrity apparently won out.

      6 PAX of the 10 participated in runnership prior to the beatdown, and none of them could feel their faces, nor did they complain (much).


      Biggest Loser Challenge for any who want some accountability in meeting health goals.

      Chubby’s: Mondays

      4th F Weekend Coming up in May

      Four-Man Dora

      QIC:  Dundee

      Date: 12/10/2021

      PAX: AOL, Bernie, El Chapo, Full Moon, M.I.A., Mandela, Mayhem, Oui Oui, Picabo, Ramrod, Seagull, Toe Jelly, Toe Tag, Uncle Joe

      AO: Hacksaw


      A cozy 48 degrees and a bit damp. A few sprinkles just before the COP but not enough to deter 15 HIMs from getting stronger together.


      • 35 SSH IC
      • 10 WMH IC
      • 10 3GE IC
      • 15 Windmills IC
      • 15 LBACs IC
      • 15 LBACs IC reverse
      • 15 OH Claps
      • 25 Seal Claps

      The Thang

      PAX divided into three groups of four*. Three stations were setup around the memorial. All PAX ran to the first station, where one PAX from each group dropped and did exercises. The additional PAX continued to the second station where one PAX from each group dropped and did exercises. The last two PAX from each group continued on to the third station, where one PAX dropped for exercises, while the last PAX returned to the first station. That PAX replaced his teammate there, resuming the exercises at the count where the previous PAX left off, while that PAX continued on to the next station, continuing that pattern until time was up.
      * We had three more PAX – not enough for a full group – so they each joined a team and paired with another PAX travelling together and only counting one set of reps.

      • Station 1:
        • 100 Diamond Merkins
        • 200 Wide Merkins
        • 300 Merkins
        • 400 Shoulder Taps (hard count)
        • 500 Air Presses
      • Station 2:
        • 100 John McCains
        • 200 Lunges (hard count)
        • 300 Elbow-to-Knee Squats
        • 400 Gorilla Humpers
        • 500 Toe Merkins
      • Station 3:
        • 100 X-Factors (hard count)
        • 200 Big Boy Sit-ups
        • 300 Freddie Mercuries (hard count)
        • 400 Hello Dollies
        • 500 Little Baby Crunches


      We’re deep in the heart of Jester Season right now. Cold, wet weather, holiday commitments, work deadlines, the compounded stress of it all happening at the same time … and a small voice each morning promising you that you just need five more minutes in that warm bed. Just five more minutes of warm, quiet peace … until we negotiate the next five minutes. Waiting for January 1 to start fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions is just a commitment to letting the Jester win for the next three weeks, and what will happen on January 1 will be much harder that it is today because no one gets to stay in one place. You either move forward or backward.

      The people who need to hear that message were not there in the gloom. PAX were encouraged to reach out to the HIMs who haven’t posted in a while and to the sad clowns who don’t know they need it and preach the word of F3, which is not a cult.


      “That breeze feels pretty good.” A thing that Oui Oui said, in December.

      All exercises are hard count.” — YHC
      How do you do a hard count merkin?” — multiple smartasses


      Chubbie’s Homeless Ministry every Monday night at 5:30.

      Christmas Eve Convergence at Anvil at 7 AM.

      New Year’s Day Convergence at Anvil at 7 AM.

      4th F Weekend end of May for Fathers and their kids. WuzntMe has more details if interested.

      Not Leg Day

      QIC:  M.I.A.

      Date: 12/03/2021

      PAX: Mr. Clean, Picabo, Squirt, Too Tall, Transplant

      AO: Lion’s Den


      A very comfortable 45ish degrees. To be honest YHC wishes it were colder so he didn’t take off his beanie.


      Some moseying, some blocks grabbed, some SSH, some stretches. YHC takes requests apparently.

      The Thang

      Webbicides – Part 1

      Run 10 yards, 1 burpee, return, 4 OH Press w/ coupon
      Run 20 yards, 2 burpees, return, 8 OH Press w/ coupon
      Run 30 yards, 3 burpees, return, 12 OH Press w/ coupon
      Run 40 yards, 4 burpees, return, 16 OH Press w/ coupon
      Run 50 yards, 5 burpees, return, 20 OH Press w/ coupon
      Run 60 yards, 6 burpees, return, 24 OH Press w/ coupon
      Run 70 yards, 7 burpees, return, 28 OH Press w/ coupon
      Run 80 yards, 8 burpees, return, 32 OH Press w/ coupon
      Run 90 yards, 9 burpees, return, 36 OH Press w/ coupon
      Run 100 yards, 10 burpees, return, 40 OH Press w/ coupon

      Webbicides – Part B
      Same pattern as above with 1 x Merkin to 4 x Curls for the Girls

      Webbicides – Part iii
      Same pattern as above with 1 x Big Boy Sit-up to 4 x Flutter Kicks (4 count)
      PAX completed roughly 1/2 of Part iii before time.



      Discussed the reasons for advent focusing particularly on the importance of preparing a way and hope. If you want more info on the COT you should have been at Lion’s Den… or read this.


      Picabo sandbagged us on the burpees but he went beast mode on the OH presses.

      Apparently, (supposedly) Mr. Clean complained about shoulder soreness while in the midst of complaining about the pre workout stretching. Workout assisted the soreness.

      YHC needs to learn how to tell time. And to not himself in the head with a coupon while doing OH presses.

      On an unrelated note, some head injuries make large quantities of OH presses more endurable.


      Chubby’s every Monday, except first Monday of the month, check 3rd-f channel for schedule and sign up to serve. Items needed: pants, coats/jackets/sweaters, belts, rain gear, industrial garbage bags, batteries; smaller clothes preferred but not required; drop off donations at any AO and/or to any AOQ.

      WuzntMe has put together 4th F Weekend to celebrate fatherhood and bond with our 2.0s at what is shaping up to be an excellent event, May 19-21 – check the 4th-f-weekend channel for details and to HC. Registration form HERE

      Prayers for Captain Wafer & family.

      Deja VQ

      QIC:  Full Moon

      Date: 12/01/2021

      PAX: AOL, Blair Witch, Cooter, El Chapo, Landmine, M.I.A., Mayhem, Oui Oui, Picabo, Seagull, Spirit Fingers, Sousa, Toe Tag, Uncle Joe, Weblow, WuzntMe

      AO: Hacksaw


      Brisk, 36 degrees or so


      Mosey with coupons from parking lot to Flag

      SSH x25, in cadence

      Forward fold, OYO

      WMH x12, in cadence

      Circle Burp

      The Thang

      Fresh of a trip to see the Mouse in FL, and in keeping with Hacksaw tradition, YHC decided to rehash his recent VQ (and second Q), with a few modifications – this was certainly welcomed by all
      Full Moon’s Five Station Frenzy
      PAX count off into groups of 5, then start at one of the 5 designated stations located at each of the Military Service Stars around the inner loop of our beloved AO. As PAX took off to their assigned starting station, they were advised to focus on form and not rush, lest they rinse/repeat the cycle below:

      Station 1: 25 Shoulder Press w/coupon; 20 Mountain Climbers (4 count); 15 Curls w/coupon; 10 Squats w/coupon; 5 X-factors (hard count); Rifle Carry coupon to next station, take a lap

      Station 2: 25 X-factors (hard count); 20 Shoulder Press w/coupon; 15 Mountain Climbers (4 count); 10 Curls w/coupon; 5 Squats w/coupon; Rifle Carry coupon to next station, take a lap

      Station 3: 25 Squats w/coupon; 20 X-factors (hard count); 15 Shoulder Press w/coupon; 10 Mountain Climbers (4 count); 5 Curls w/coupon; Rifle Carry coupon to next station, take a lap

      Station 4: 25 Curls w/coupon; 20 Squats w/coupon, 15 X-factors (hard count); 10 Shoulder Press w/coupon; 5 Mountain Climbers (4 count); Rifle Carry coupon to next station, take a lap

      Station 5: 25 Mountain Climbers (4 count); 20 Curls w/coupon; 15 Squats w/coupon; 10 X-factors (hard count); 5 Should Press w/coupon; Rifle Carry to next/initial station, take a lap (time permitting)

      All PAX finished the cycle and did their starting station again, with the overachievers doing their first and second (and third?) stations again

      Upon completion of the cycle (and starting station again) YHC’s group took a final lap to collect the all important exercise papers, and to instruct remaining PAX to finish their station then regroup at the Flag and plank until 6 was in

      5 more Burpees for fun



      Discussed and reviewed importance of Kindness – to ourselves, our family and friends, our colleagues, and the outside world. This time of year particularly, we could all benefit from both receiving and extending kindness to everyone around us.


      No one, of whom I am aware, relieved themselves in the woods

      “You would have known to take a lap after rifle carrying if you had listened…” -M.I.A.

      “… turns out is was actually just acid.” -WuzntMe

      “I’m an idiot.” -YHC

      “…that’s the last time I dated a 40-year-old man.” -Uncle Joe


      Chubby’s every Monday, except first Monday of the month, check 3rd-f channel for schedule and sign up to serve. Items needed: pants, coats/jackets/sweaters, belts, rain gear, industrial garbage bags, batteries; smaller clothes preferred but not required; drop off donations at any AO and/or to any AOQ

      WuzntMe has put together 4th F Weekend to celebrate fatherhood and bond with our 2.0s at what is shaping up to be an excellent event, May 19-21 – check the 4th-f-weekend channel for details and to HC

      Continued prayers for all spoken, and unspoken, requests

      YHC named Hacksaw co-AOQ


      Chiller, Whiller, Thiller- Tribute to “Thriller”

      QIC:  Sousa

      Date: 11/30/21

      PAX: Dundee, Ducktales, Blue, NordicTrack, Roomba, Doogie, Sherlock, 8 Seconds, Milkman, Hoverround, Oil Change, Slois Lane, Starbucks, U-turn

      AO: HUEY


      A chiller for sure, frigid, dry, but 42 degrees at startex.


      SSH- 25 count

      Forward Fold- OYO

      Shoulder blasters consisting of Lil baby arm circles, front and reverse, Moroccan

      nightclubs, seal claps, Chinooks

      SSH- 25 count

      Third Grade exercise

      Willie Mays Hayes

      5 Burpees

      The Thang

      THRILLER. Today marks 29 years since the famous Thriller Album was released by Michael Jackson. To start the Thang, Pax did heel touches to the rhythm of The Title song, and each time “Thriller” was sung, we did 2 Big boy sit ups. Intro and outro included, the song was only 6 minutes long. The PAX groaned and moaned, but WE ALL GOT BETTER!

      T- The Wolverine- 10

      H- High Knees- 50

      R- Q mistakenly left this portion out. Q error

      I- Indian Run- 2 groups

      L LBFC’s- 50

      L- LT. Dangers- 30

      E- E2k- 50- 25 each side

      R- Rosalitas- 30

      Took a lap at end of round. Started rinse and repeat cycle but time was called.


      I encouraged each man to challenge themselves daily. We are called to be better men, and every day we don’t improve, we take steps backwards. Whether its spiritually, mentally, or physically, we need to constantly find ways to get better. This applies in our families, with friends, at work, and any where we have a presence.


      Thriller turned into “Thiller”, after somehow forgetting basic elementary school spelling and omitting the R portion of the beatdown. Some PAX may call it “Whiller”, as Wolverine can be taken as such, or “The Wolverine” which I pulled from the exicon. All in all, PAX were thrilled, and the chill wore off by the end of the beat down.


      Chubbys BBQ homeless ministry Mondays (except first of month), @5:30. Big items with cold weather are jackets, blankets, socks, and batteries.

      Continued prayers for Captain Wafer and family as daughter, Lorelei, is battling Leukemia. Currently in Houston I believe being treated.

      Disappointment Abounds

      QIC:  M.I.A.

      Date: 11/05/2021

      PAX:  Abercrombie, AOL, El Chapo, Escobar, FNG-Fortnite, Full Moon, FNG-Hillshire, Landmine, Mandela, Mr. Burns, Oui Oui, Picabo, FNG-Pit Bike, Ramrod, Rollback, SeaGull, Spirit Fingers, Sousa, Stork, Top’Em, Uncle Joe, WeBlow, WuzntMe

      AO:  Hacksaw


      Those expected the temps in the 30’s as forecasted were disappointed. YHC and everyone around him found this to be the least disappointing part of the beatdown.


      Rifle Carry to the flag pole.

      30(ish?) SSH
      LBAC & Reverse x 13
      Stretch out those shoulders…

      The Thang

      All exercises completed together. Holding the coupon above your head until the 6 is in:

      5 x Blockees
      10 x Curls
      15 x Overhead Press
      20 x Around the World (Imagine the coupon is a satellite and your head is the planet)

      5 x Around the World
      10 x Blockees*
      15 x Curls
      20 x Overhead Press

      5 x Overhead Press
      10 x Around the World
      15 x Blockees
      20 x Curls

      5 x Curls
      10 x Overhead Press
      15 x Around the World
      20 x Blockees

      5 x Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
      10 x Louganis
      15 x Triceps Extension
      20 x Weighted Flutter Kicks

      5 x Weighted Flutter Kicks
      10 x HSK&T
      15 x Louganis
      20 x Triceps Extensions

      5 x Triceps Extensions
      10 x Flutter Kicks
      15 x HSK&T
      20 x Louganis

      Time – Disappointed ensued because we didn’t finish.


      YHC feels that men don’t hear/share their appreciation and love for each other enough. Inspired by a F3 Podcast from many moons ago, YHC mused on the importance of letting other men know they are loved.


      * This was the moment that almost all the PAX groaned and shared their disappointment (loudly) with YHC.

      • AOL picked up three dudes pre-workout. They may have been of age… they may not.
      • Upon completion of the Side Straddle Hops YHC noted that this was the completion of the leg exercises for the day…. Mandela squealed with glee.
      • Escobar “WHOA!!! That is the biggest 6 inches I have ever seen”
      • Picabo and WuzntMe accused YHC of being a sadist, but they did it with a Cheshire grin
      • Sousa admitted to breaking YHC’s coupon maliciously
      • Sousa also admitted he would have posted elsewhere (the fartsack) if he saw the post regarding the switcheroo at Q
      • Sewer gases leaked from somewhere/someone during workout.


      6 AM at Hill City – Thanksgiving Day convergence, followed by the Grateful Gobbler 5K. Wear your F3 attire, EH your fellow runners. Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2021-grateful-gobbler-5k-registration-162832772205?aff=ebdssbdestsearch

      Slam Ball Races


      The temperature dipped to 39, making it the first time this fall we’ve hit sub-40 temps. YHC is not a fan of the cold, but it was nothing a little motion couldn’t overcome quickly.


      The old standard — get the blood circulating and the muscles eased into action.

      • Mosey to the track
      • SSHs – 25 IC
      • WMH – 10 IC
      • Windmills – 10 IC
      • LBACs – 10 IC
      • Reverse LBACs – 10 IC
      • OH Clap – 10 IC
      • Seal Clap – 10 IC
      • Cherry Pickers – 10 IC
      • Chinooks – 10 IC
      • 3GE – 10 IC

      The Thang

      PAX split up into two teams on the track at the 50 yard line. Each team had a 20-lb. slam ball and moved in opposite directions around the track. A PAX from each team threw the ball backwards while all PAX traveled by the prescribed method and then did the corresponding exercise. Next PAX picked up the ball and threw it again with all PAX traveling again. First team to cross the finish line on the opposite side of the track won. Winning team did 5 burpees. Losing team did 10.

      • First race: Lunge to the ball, then do 2 burpees.
      • Second race: Bear crawl to the ball, then do 5 merkins.
      • Third race: Mosey to the ball, then do 5 squats.

      After the last race, all moseyed back to the starting line and finished the last three minutes with a circle of Marys.


      Inspired by Pebbles’ Slack post about his absence from F3, YHC reminded the PAX that F3 is not the point. While there is good found in the tribe you belong to in F3, F3 is not your life, it is a way to better prepare you for your life. You know, because we’re not a cult.


      • “Does your ball weigh the same as ours?”
      • “I think your side of the track is shorter.”
      • “What do we call this? Dundee ball?”
        “I can’t take credit. I’m modifying an idea Gretel had.”
        “Gretel? Yeah, that makes sense.”


      6 AM at Hill City – Thanksgiving Day convergence, followed by the Grateful Gobbler 5K. Wear your F3 attire, EH your fellow runners. Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2021-grateful-gobbler-5k-registration-162832772205?aff=ebdssbdestsearch