Gloomy Dreadful Draigs (that’s Dragons in Welsh)

QIC:  Stork

Date: 2/24/22

PAX: AOL, Ducktales, Uncle Joe, Gilligan, Full Moon, FNG – Texas Tea, Mayhem, Sojourner

AO: Legacy


Gloomy, overcast but DRY! A balmy 50


Breif warm up of SSH x20, FF OYO, WMH x10, Overhead clap x10, Seal clap x10, Don Quixote x 10, Burpees…to the song Tubthumbing, burpee with each “Knock Down” on song – Q choice of single merkin vs double merkin burpees.

The Thang

Pax take their coupon and pair up with partner for a appreviated Dora. Together the pax team does 150 curls with block and 150 squats with block. 1 Pax does exercise while the other pax join the other Pax at the wall on the other side of parking lot. Wall sits performed while each Pax does shoulder press x10 with slam ball. When all Pax complete their set of shoulder Pax, wall sit is complete and go flip/flop with partner. Continue until reps of curls and squats are complete.

A break from the dora….slow mosey to the end of the parking lot. Pax told to line up in a line facing the length of parking lot…suspicious looks ensued. Fortunately no one there had heard of Welsh Dragons…and regretted that Q had time to look through the exicon. In plank position, Pax bear crawl 4 ‘steps’ then do 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, 1 back of shoulder tap (both shoulders), then bear crawl 4 more steps, repeat but 2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 back of shoulder taps, and so on and so forth until reps of 10 are completed.

Well…we made it to Wales on the other side of parking lot…but had to come back. Reverse Welsh Dragons, with crawl bear x4, merkins/plank jacks/back of shoulder taps but started mercifully at 5 and work back to 1.

Return to Dora. Partners now do total 100 curls and 100 Bulgarian split squats (50 each leg) per group of 2. While one pax works on that, one pax returns to wall for wall sits doing the slam ball presses x10 again until group of pax each does their reps of presses. Flip flop until reps complete.

4 mins left for Mary – Leg raises, flutter kicks, imperial walkers, Pretzel crunches performed.


QIC discussed how in this season of the year we have many spring storms that knock down dead limbs from trees, causing messes to be cleaned up. Any gardener/arborist knows that a plant will continue to try keep the dead limbs/branches alive, expending energy to do so which only hinders the growth of the living portion of the plant. Therefore, trimming the dead out of plants helps them thrive and produce more blooms, growth, fruit, etc. It is the same with our lives. We have parts of our lives that are dead, sinful, useless that we try to keep going, wasting time, effort, energy on unproductive endeavors. In the Gospel of John chapter 15, Jesus refers to God the Father as a gardener who looks to prune the dead out of our lives so we can grow and produce more fruit for His glory. God the Father knows the dead in our lives and gives us opportunity to prune it ourselves, but if we don’t He allows the storms of life to come into our lives and remove the dead. A earthly storm causes dead branches to clutter our yards with a consequence of us having to clean up the mess since we were not proactive in removing the dead beforehand. Same with the spiritual storms…the dead is pruned for our benefit and His glory, but there are consequences…messes to clean up for the sin in our lives. Let’s be proactive and stop wasting effort on the meaningless, unproductive endeavors of our sinful lives, remain in Christ and prune the dead.


Mumble chatter and grumbling present…escalating dramatically. A few grumbles with “Tubthumbing” burpees. Part one of Dora produced the usual groaning associated with wall sits after doing heavy squats. Then the Welsh Dragons took it to a whole new level. Some cursing was evident…and appropriate after the first round and continued with the announcement of our return trip to Wales with reverse Welsh Dragons. There were prayers to SkyQ to end the misery. The literal, quite loud (without Burrito present), groans of pain with each bear crawl/crawl bear spoke to the toll this exercise took on the Pax. Common comments of “awful”,”horrible”, and “I hate Wales”. PAX were somewhat thankful to go back to the Dora and more wall sitting despite shaking legs from Bulgarian split squats. So awful and yet a great time was had by all…even the FNG will be back despite the ‘total suck’ of this beatdown.


F4 fatherhood weekend. Chubbys. Habitat build hopefully coming soon.

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