Audible to protect my shoulder

QIC:  Gretel

Date: 06/08/2022

PAX: Band Camp, Blue, Dundee, Life Alert, Lyft, Money Shot, Napoleon, Ponce, Shake N Bake, Sherlock, Sling Blade, Starbucks, Tasty Cakes, 8 Seconds  

AO: Shot House


70 degrees, clear, nice break in the storms from the last few days


SSH, WMH, 3rd Grade, Imperial Walkers, ~200 yard mosey

The Thang

Lower body and core Dora

Pair up

One PAX duckwalks ~30 yards, completes 25 monkey humpers, and duckwalks back

Other PAX works on 1000 reps of core work – 250 each of boxcutters, LBCs, flutter kicks, Hello Dollies

When finished, continue the duckwalk/monkey humper travel while partner does burpees until 6 is in.

Had a few minutes left when 6 finished, blasted out the 4 core exercises as a group until time.


Are you doing the little things it takes to make progress when you might be stuck on a plateau? Monkey humpers and duckwalks get you into that lower range of the squat that we may avoid most of the time. Get uncomfortable in order to move forward and move your concentrica to a place of advantage.


Ozzy timeline playlist:

  • Paranoid (Black Sabbath) – 1970
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath) – 1973
  • Over the Mountain – 1981
  • Bark at the Moon – 1983
  • Road to Nowhere – 1991
  • Tomorrow – 1995
  • Gets Me Through – 2001
  • I Don’t Wanna Stop – 2007


Walking beer tour June 25

Independence Day convergence – Anvil

Fallen 5 – July 16

Lookouts convergence and 2nd F – July 23

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