Trust in the Shield Lock, SLT, and the Q

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 08/26/2022

PAX: Blue, Cleaver, Clothespin, Free Ball, Geek Squad, O.B., Ringwald, Shake N Bake, Snatch, Shea, Starbucks, U-Turn

AO: Shot House




SSH x18 IC
Forward Fold OYO
Willie Mays Hayes x12 IC

The Thang

YHC has been calling this a Shot House “Run Day”. Today, the proverbial “run day” was a combination/modification of two Hero W.O.D.’s
3 Rounds for time..
800m Run (2 Laps) w/25 BBSU’s and 25 Back Extensions
Completed in AMRAP Fashion
25 Merkins
400M Run
25 Merkins
800M Run
25 Merkins
1200M Run


Certain Q’s maintain certain reputations, whether it is connected to the difficulty of the workout, the type of routine, and/or certain exercises, the reputation is there nonetheless and possibly influences the decisions of certain Pax as to whether they want to attend.

Each and every time a Q sets out to plan a workout; he is tasked with creating a workout which provides each man there with something to help improve their physical fitness.
Conversely, each man who decides to attend a workout bears some sort of responsibility to give 100% effort. It is simply an unwritten or unstated bond of trust that every Q, in spite of reputation, prepares a workout for the Pax to improve fitness, so the Pax will show up and give 100%.
As a leader, you prepare to lead, or you show up to follow with every ounce of zeal you have. This is the truest form of shared reliance which is trust in its truest form.


We just swapped fluids…


Labor Day Convergence at Parliament (Wuzonka Ball Tourney)

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