Florida Man Caught Admiring His Own Glutes in a Local Jack’s Restaurant

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 02/10/2023

PAX: Deer Jack, Florida Man, Milkman, Ponce (Respect), Shake and Bake, Shea, Starbucks, Tar Heel, Tasty Cakes

AO: Shot House 


A cool and crisp 38 degrees.


SSH x25 IC
Forward Fold
Willie Mays Hays x12 IC

The Thang

Some mumbling about “all you really need is Side Straddle Hops and Willie Mays Hays to get warm”, so we moseyed to the track and got ready for the Thang.

Pushing the Gluteus to the Maximus

Every round of exercises was completed in increments of 25 reps. For example: Monkey Humper Round — Pax covered 1200 Yards.

  1. 150 – Monkey Humpers
    Run 100 yds after each set
  2. 125 – Swimmers (Hard Count)
    Run 50 yds after each set
  3. 100 – Fire Hydrants w/Leg Extension (Hard Count)
    Run 100 yds after each set
  4. 75 – Reverse Crunches
    Run 50 yds after each set
  5. 50 – Leg Raises
    Run 100 yds after each set
  6. 25 – 8 Count Body Builders


First, an apology to the Shot House regulars particularly those in attendance on Wednesday as I failed to honor an HC in lieu of a Heart Sack with The M.
Second, we preach of accountability and candor, the value of it, and how it is a very strong aspect in F3 Chattanooga. All of these things I strongly agree with; however, I also wanted to point out; that in our accountability in F3, we have something far greater. We are a group of leaders full of compassion, thoughtfulness, and empathy, and so many of our Pax know how to “read the proverbial room” in terms of helping other Pax maintain accountability. For example, whether than simply telling a guy struggling with weight or fat loss that he needs to get his butt up, workout, and eat less, we have the ability to express this same advice in the appropriate way to motivate those around us. This is a special trait. Simply put, not enough can be said for dropping copious amounts of positivity and encouragement to those around you.

BALL OF MAN: We had one…


Compliments received today:
“I should have gone to Detention”
“This sucks”
“I make a motion to change these to easy count”
“I hate this already”
“You know what, how bout we just go ahead and get those coupons after all”
Additional MC overheard:
“I am not coordinated for this! Well, just know you will drown Shake.”
“I’m really going to be admiring my glutes later”
“What the heck is the difference in these; because (ahem) yeah they feel soooo different on my abs.”
“No one actually believes your that age Ponce, it’s not scientifically possible…Starbucks checked.”
“My butt hurts in so many places…….”


Check out the Announcements Channel on Slack. It has a nice detailed list of upcoming events.
February 25, 2023 — Tuff Muff
March 25, 2023 — Capture the Flag at Shot House

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    Revenge of the Duckwalk

    QIC:  Gretel

    Date: 10/26/2022

    PAX: Dundee, Shake N Bake, NordicTrack, Sherlock, Milkman, Roomba, Florida Man, FNG – Paw Patrol, Starbucks, Cleaver, Turtle, Mangina, Lutefisk, Snatch, Ponce, 8 Seconds, Boomhauer, Lyft

    AO: Shot House


    Clear and cool




    3rd grade

    shoulder blaster

    Imperial Walkers

    Slow squat


    The Thang

    PAX partner up. In a Dora fashion, PAX 1 will stay at the exercise zone (EZ) and perform reps while PAX 2 proceed to the Duck Zone (DZ).

    EZ exercises – 250 each of Carolina Dry Docks, Blades of Steel, Angle Grinders, Crab Cakes

    The Duck Zone – PAX will bear crawl ~10 yards to a triangle of cones. At each cone they will perform 25 monkey humpers then duck walk to the next cone. Pax will also complete these when they return to cone 1 for a total of 100 monkey humpers, then crawl bear back to the EZ where they will take over reps for their partner while he enters the DZ.

    Rinse and repeat until EZ exercises are completed or time is up.


    Be careful with your actions, the people you lead are watching you. YHC broke his smart watch recently and even though he had already told M he wanted a new one for Christmas, he was tempted to run out and get a new one immediately. While financially this wasn’t a problem, he thought about what his 2.0s would think. He tries to teach them patience and to resist instant gratification, so he decided to suck it up and wait a while.


    Some pax made it to the last exercise but no one completed the round.


    Chubby’s ministry ongoing – every Monday except the first Monday of the month, details on #3rd F channel

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      Trust in the Shield Lock, SLT, and the Q

      QIC:  Mr. Clean

      Date: 08/26/2022

      PAX: Blue, Cleaver, Clothespin, Free Ball, Geek Squad, O.B., Ringwald, Shake N Bake, Snatch, Shea, Starbucks, U-Turn

      AO: Shot House




      SSH x18 IC
      Forward Fold OYO
      Willie Mays Hayes x12 IC

      The Thang

      YHC has been calling this a Shot House “Run Day”. Today, the proverbial “run day” was a combination/modification of two Hero W.O.D.’s
      3 Rounds for time..
      800m Run (2 Laps) w/25 BBSU’s and 25 Back Extensions
      Completed in AMRAP Fashion
      25 Merkins
      400M Run
      25 Merkins
      800M Run
      25 Merkins
      1200M Run


      Certain Q’s maintain certain reputations, whether it is connected to the difficulty of the workout, the type of routine, and/or certain exercises, the reputation is there nonetheless and possibly influences the decisions of certain Pax as to whether they want to attend.

      Each and every time a Q sets out to plan a workout; he is tasked with creating a workout which provides each man there with something to help improve their physical fitness.
      Conversely, each man who decides to attend a workout bears some sort of responsibility to give 100% effort. It is simply an unwritten or unstated bond of trust that every Q, in spite of reputation, prepares a workout for the Pax to improve fitness, so the Pax will show up and give 100%.
      As a leader, you prepare to lead, or you show up to follow with every ounce of zeal you have. This is the truest form of shared reliance which is trust in its truest form.


      We just swapped fluids…


      Labor Day Convergence at Parliament (Wuzonka Ball Tourney)

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        The moon was full but there wasn’t a Full Moon and the workout was cheaper than Ducktales’ shampoo budget

        QIC:  Prosciutto

        Date: 02/16/2022

        PAX:  Blue, Cleaver, Ducktales, Dundee, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Lyft, Milkman, Ponce de Leon (Respect), Roomba, Shake N Bake, Sherlock, Starbucks

        AO: Shot House


        What if I were to tell you that the wolves didn’t howl this morning on a full moon? What If I were to tell you the disclaimer was really just a public introduction of self; almost like a really poorly written foreskinword in a fantastic adult diary novel series entitled “50 shades of Gray Ramsey”? What if you were told to bring a block, but instead, you brought a 40lb sandbag to really assert your alpha? What if a bengal and a rams really did have a contest? What if I were to tell you that the key to a positive perspective had nothing to do with what you were doing or where you are going, but where you are right now? And, what if I were to tell you that the mere thought of Dragnet’s Sergeant Joe Friday could really ratchet up a free men’s workout? 1Ladies and Gentleman, the story you’re about to hear is true. The facts have been changed to protect the innocent.

        42, relatively humid, clear until the clouds approached (warding off the wolves and witch spells), UV Index was super low (Ducktales still applied sunscreen to his fantastical dome), 100% chance of cult-related activity on the grounds of Hixson High School, one runner who apparently just runs in different directions for varying lengths of time on the track which doesn’t make sense if you just think about it”’;;;;,,:–..;;;; he went nowhere until he was gone, but where did he go? I already told you, nowhere….



        Blocks carried to the field in a circular fashion with a pretty medicine ball placed squarely in the middle of the circle (but this isn’t a cult; no way, no how)

        SSH, Forward Folds, Right Over Left, Left Over Right, 3rd Graders Exercising, Windmills (not WindMeals; very different), Arm stretching, Alpha noises, bones creaking and popping (and locking), High knees, Wide High Knees (which are high knees if you are inflexible), Smiling and laughter, as the music plays on

        The Thang

        Already in a circle, we stayed in our circle, so as not to upset the subtle ways that make our group not cult-like
        Dark Webbs
        8 exercises in 4 pairs done 2 at a time with a ratio of 1:2 starting with 12 reps and decrementing each time (but, you get it…)

        Starting at 12:24 (like I said, 1:2 ratio starting at 12), we completed the following thousands of times times; just literally could not even count

        • Merkins : Overhead Block Press (does anyone smell burgers? Starbucks maybe)
        • Jump Squats : Bonnie Blaire’s (hard count; these will soon be “Erin Jackson’s”; #stayWoke)
        • Big Boi Sit ups : American Hammers (hard count)
        • Burpees : SSH (hard count)

        We had time for 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8 round reps, respectively.

        After each round, we turned to one side of the track and did some form of cardio; but not like runner guy, he’s on a whole other level of “whoKnowsWhatHesDoing”


        Heard a quote recently, “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows happiness under his feet.”

        It seems we’re all so busy and so quick to pivot that we are looking to the next thing. Any amount of thanks or happiness in any circumstance seems to fly by, almost as if it’s a temporary or momentary moment of thanks and gratitude (yep, been there, done that, got the thing, moving on…). Many blessings last a lifetime, but how long are we thankful for them?

        Last week F3 Friday shared the quote from Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday when he talks about how football is a sport of inches, but it’s played on a field of 100 yards; that’s alot of inches (do your thing, Blue). The focus for any moment on the field and during the game, needs to be right in front of you — no more than 6″ away. A great reminder of what is important, where you should focus your time and where your happiness lies.


        I had two quotes for the COT today, Ducktales told me that I should lead with my other quote, so I did. It bombed, but Dundee was there and he gave a courtesy laugh (thanks bruv!).

        It was later made pretty clear (stay till the end for our great revelation) that there were many Baptists in the group today.

        If you’re still reading, the quote was “Waking up is only the second hardest thing in the morning” cue the Price_Is_Right.wav sound

        Like Rick Flair always like to say to the ladies he surrounds himself with,” honey, you weren’t my first, but you certainly won’t be my last!” – I tell ya, that Rick … he is such a good guy! HIM STUFF!

        If there was a contest for the most awkward and difficult start of a workout, I think Shot House wins it. The stadium and track is easily a Go Ruck “Light” from the parking lot. Speaking of, Ducktales has announcements on Grow Ruck Nashville and other things.

        Now back to the revelation we made, during the prayers, we asked for any intentions or praises… no praises because “Noone’s happy about anything” as Geek Squad shared; I’m told this is very Baptist. The Presbyterian’s also would like to have a word. The Catholics aren’t unhappy, they’re just really really guilty and they’re (still) trying to figure out the whole family planning calendar.

        Always a pleasure to Q in these parts with some super committed dudes! Thanks for the opportunity Starbucks and Blue!


        Tuff Muff 3, Habitat for Humanity and other assorted 3rd F needs

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          Slingshot Engaged!

          QIC:  Shake N Bake

          Date: 02/02/2022

          PAX: Second Base, Band Camp, Life Alert, Doogie, Gretel, O.B., Moneyball, Dundee, Mr. Clean, Snatch, Lyft, Tasty Cakes, Sandbag, Hasbro, Roomba, 8 Seconds, Sling Blade, Recycle, Fissure, Chunks, Sherlock, Starbucks, Cleaver, Ponce

          AO: Shothouse


          A pleasant near 50 degrees with a slight breeze. Amazing weather for Feb. 2.


          The nice weather and VQ occasion resulted in a huge group of HIM’s. A short and sweet warmup got everybody ready to roll. The warmup consisted of:

          Forward Fold OYO

          Iraqi Tea Time OYO

          Down Dog-Cobra-Down Dog

          Seal Claps- 10 Count in Cadence (Because we were graced with Band Camp’s Presence)

          Overhead Clasp- 10 Count in Cadence

          Block Mosey to the track

          The Thang

          All Pax Lined up in 2 rows, counted off 1-2’s (with some difficulty) Blocks were to stay in this location by the gate

          2 by 2 by 2 =22 (Follow my math)
          2 groups of HIM’s going in opposite directions around the track. At the end zone ends of the track they found a box of Shake N Bake (Extra Crispy) taped to a list of excercises.

          Imperial Walkers -HC


          SSH- EC


          Big Boy Sit-ups

          Keeping with the theme of 2’s, as the PAX made their way around the track from station to station, they added 2 reps to their set at each stop. So, first stop, 2 reps of each exercise. Run the half lap to the next stop, 4 reps of each exercise. Then 6, 8 10, and so on, 2 by 2, capping the count at 22. Anyone able to complete the total to 22 would be rewarded with running 2 full laps and starting over.

          BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!!! – Don’t forget about those coupons! The blocks were left by the gate. Each lap as the PAX pass into the block gauntlet, they must complete 22 reps before proceeding. I originally had a list of 5 exercises to chose from, taped to the white board with the workout plan. The wind removed this before the workout began, so an audible was called to let each man choose what he wanted to do 22 reps of on each lap. Like robots, we all did curls first, then chaotic variety ensued as the laps continued. So, 22 reps of a block exercise on every lap added to the 2 themed madness.

          So far as I know, nobody completed the course. A few top flight HIM’s hit the 22 number but were unable to complete their reward of 2 laps before time expired. But I feel like everyone successfully pushed themselves and got the most of the opportunity to get better.


          Power, Love, Self-Discipline

          I shared with the PAX that in the beginning, F3 was quite intimidating for me. But I knew I wanted to work to the point where I could step up and lead. So from the beginning, I have leaned on the scripture 2 Tim. 1:7 “For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self control.”

          Quoted F3 Mission Statement- To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

          Key word is invigoration. It means to give strength or energy to. Synonyms are: Energize, motivate, encourage. That starts small, man to man. In the gloom. We encourage and motivate each other.

          To serve the F3 purpose, to serve the PAX, I lean on the concept from 2 Tim. 1:7. The spirit of God in me gives me power, love and self control.

          Self control to be sure I get enough sleep, that I wake up when that alarm sounds, that I focus on my diet so that I am constantly working to become a better version of myself physically.

          Love to push my brothers in the gloom to give their all. To love my F3 brothers enough to put time and effort into planning and preparing to lead them.

          Power to physically perform the tasks required at the beat downs. But also to mentally overcome and hang tough when my body wants to quit.

          To live out the F3 mission which is to ultimately invigorate male community leadership, it takes power, love and self control.


          Blue was dearly missed, especially at every good TWSS opportunity. The wind was a factor in the beginning (see above comment about list being blown away), lots of “I thought it was supposed to be warmer” grumbling was heard.” But once we got moving and got some reps under our belts, all thoughts of chilly wind were tossed aside along with jackets and hoodies etc.

          Various mumble chatter lingers in my mind such as:

          ” I love the sound of men grunting in the morning”

          ” I ate nothing but broccoli for dinner, you think I’m gonna quit now?!?”

          And of course, the classic-

          “What number are we on??”


          A fireside coffeeteria was enjoyed post beat down by a few 2nd F seeking HIM’s. Most Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s you can find a few of us at the Jack’s on Hixson Pike commiserating about difficult aspects of the beat down or the weather. Friday’s are particular special when uncle blue reads us a story.

          Tuff Muff coming up on Feb. 19th, see slack for details.

          Various 3rd F opportunities are can be found on slack, find something that you can get plugged into and get out there and serve the community. Leaders serve others. (I learned that from one of Uncle Blue’s stories)

          Look for Shake N Bake future Q’s, coming to an AO near you!

          Recent Backblasts

            Halloween Countdown with the Spooky Q

            QIC:  Band Camp

            Date: 10/1/2021

            PAX: Blue, Milkman, Starbucks, Lyft, Cleaver, Sherlock, LifeAlert, Money Shot, Snowcream, Tasty Cakes, FNG-OB

            AO: Shothouse


            The moon was out with an eerie glow, masked in part by the shadowed clouds above. A tainted breeze filled the air, punctuated by the smell of HIM tears. Howling was heard by all, though it was just yours truly in his truest form (aka the Spooky Q). Perfect for a pumpkin-spiced beatdown.


            20 SSH’s in cadence

            10 Windmills in cadence

            10 Willy Maze Haze in cadence

            Toe touches 30 seconds OYO

            Cobra 15 seconds OYO

            10 Michael Phelps in cadence

            20 Merkins in cadence

            The Thang

            Make your way to the track with a coupon. Pair off into groups of 2 (Dora’s—Person A and Person B).

            Phase One, the Monster Mash
            Person A starts and exercise, Person B completes a movement 10 yards there and back. When Person B gets back, Persons A and B switch so that Person A completes the movement while Person B completes the exercise. Each sub-section below is completed for 5 minutes at a time:

            Mummies (5 minutes)

            A – mummy lifts (sit-up with block)

            B – Mummy walk 10 yards and back (straight leg high kicks to your outstretched arms, no coupon)

            Werewolves (5 minutes)

            A – howl at the moon (dive bombers)

            B – bear crawl 10 yards and back (fast, no coupon)

            Vampires (5 minutes)

            A – flex your wings (bent over rows with coupon)

            B – fly! 10 yards there and back (long jumps, no coupon)

            Spiders (5 minutes)

            A – squash the spider (American hammers with coupon)

            B – Spider-Man crawl 10 yards (push-up optional, no coupon)

            Jog to the home bleachers with coupon

            Phase 2, Trick-or-Treat Preparation

            Keeping the same groups, complete these exercises for 3 minutes each, then switch. (We were only able to spend 1.5 minutes each due to time.)

            A – candy bag bicep curls with coupon (5 low curls, 5 high curls, 5 full curls) until failure, alternating with front door step-ups on bleachers as needed.

            B – chocolate arm dips until failure, alternating with candy apple bobbing pull ups on the bleacher railing as needed.

            Phase 3, Ding-Dong-Ditch

            Continuing with Dora groups, the following happens on the track without coupons:

            A – holds Al Gore looking in opposite direction until B “rings the doorbell”, then tries to catch B through a jailbreak

            B – starting from 20-ish yards behind A mosey’s to A and says “Ding Dong!”, then immediately bernies along track to get away from A

            Once A catches up to B, the roles switch, with A starting 20 yards behind B. Once one team makes it all the way around the track to the starting point (home bleachers), the exercise is over for everyone. We were only able to get 1/4 around the track due to time.

            Walk back to parking lot with block.


            Before going into my Word of the Day in this post, we got to name the FNG. Welcome OB (short for OBGYN)! Brave man for coming out to a Spooky Q with yours truly, hopefully we didn’t scare OB away…

            Word of the Day:

            Like many of our modern holidays, halloween historically was something that embraced evils. It wasn’t until a Roman Catholic holiday was established on November 1st, 609 that the celebration changed in the western world.

            So that’s the history lesson, I believe it has direct implications on our life today. As HIM’s, when we experience adversity, do we become victims of wrongs? Or do we take a bad event in history and change our perspective to build ourselves up and move forward, like Pope Boniface IV? Halloween’s true history shouldn’t be forgotten, but we shouldn’t be hampered down by that history—we can remember and should call out evils, but we can’t let it keep us from living our lives going forward. If we’re Christians, we know that the world doesn’t end until Jesus says so, we keep running the race of faith and life (1 Corinthians 9). There is a time for mourning and tearing down, but also a time for joy and building up (Ecclesiastes 3).

            My wife read an interesting book review this week—the article stated we all meditate on suffering. Much of the current social justice movements focus on the suffering of the self. Christians however are called to meditate on the suffering of Christ, from there we find our identity (1 Peter 2:24). By the God of creation becoming a victim, He allowed us to overcome our personal struggles. God says we can trust in Him, not only for salvation, but for our daily life (Proverbs 3:5-6). That means God invites us out of a life of victimization and into a life of conquering for His kingdom (Luke 12:32).

            On a personal level, I’ve had a lot of personal struggle being okay with my recent failures at work. But I can’t let those failures determine how I perceive myself, or else it will also impact my area of influence. Good leaders don’t get the luxury of self pity. We must be vulnerable and admit our weaknesses, but we are also charged with circling ourselves with good people who will pull us out of the muck (1 Thessalonians 5:11, Galatians 6:2).


            Life Alert made sure to remind me that less than 12 hours of October had transpired and here I was leading a Halloween-themed Q. I guess the moral of the story is you never know when a Spooky Q will happen to you (just like no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!). As a side note, I dress up as characters all the time—just ask my wife about our role playing adventures. The way I see it there’s no reason to keep dress up for just one day a year when I can dress up like a scantily-clad firefighter anytime I want. If I had it my way, I’d have “Halloween” every day of the year. I’d also probably have like 10 kids by now though.

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              QIC:  Mr. Clean

              Date: 05/12/2021

              PAX: Band Camp, Friar Tuck, Milkman, Shameless, Sherlock Snatch, Tasty Cakes, U-Turn

              AO: Shot House


              Rainy. Then drizzly. Comfortable temps.


              SSH x21 IC
              Forward Fold OYO
              Willie Mays Hays x12 IC
              SSH x21 IC

              The Thang

              Filling in for Ringwald today, YHC chose a workout that pit the Pax against their own inner drive and effort. This particular workout comes directly from a military WOD named: Loredo. Due to the rain, we remained under cover and completed 12 rounds for time rather than 6 rounds.

              24 Reps of Each Exercise — Run a Lap — 12 Rounds for Time




              Total Merkins — 288
              Total Squats — 288
              Total Lunges — 288


              In my “EH Quote” before the proverbial list, I used the phrase “Devil’s Day”. This phrase was given to me by a very wise women with whom I attend church. She would say “Wednesday is the Devil’s Day because it falls in the middle of the week, and he knows that you’re headed to church that night, so he works extra hard to tempt you with any sort of negativity.” I encouraged the Pax to make Wednesday successful as they had already completed the hardest part of their day. Additionally, make sure the hump in “Hump Day” does not jump on your back. Stay positive. If you can’t stay positive, reach out and admit you need help.


              Mumblechatter was low. As a collective (or maybe just Snatch), we decided this was due to the absence of Blue.


              Hixson Community Work Day — Wednesday, May 19, 2021. More details to come.
              Fallen Five — Saturday, July 17, 2021 at Chickamauga Dam Day Use Area.

              Recent Backblasts

                Suicides are Painless

                QIC: Blue

                PAX: Milkman, Dundee, Nordic Track, Mr Clean, Bobbit, Sherlock, Snatch, Slois Lane, Cleaver, Band Camp

                Date: 04-30-2021

                AO: Shothouse


                A warmer 60° with super clear skies, although the moon was a little hazy. Definitely sweat worthy weather.


                Some SSH’s, some stretching, some more SSH’s, more stretching, & some SSH’s, then a mosey to the track.

                The THANG

                Lap 1

                5 Squats per suicide point across football field, for a total of 35 Squats.

                Lap 2

                5 Merkins per suicide point across football field, for a total of 35 Merkins

                Lap 3

                5 BBS’s per suicide point across football field, for a total of 35 BBS’s

                Lap 4

                1 Bodybuilder per suicide point across football field, for a total of 7 Bodybuilders


                Hold plank/Al Gore/Burpees/etc for the 6. Stay all together and take a lap, get to home side and run up one end of bleachers and then come down the other end, do it again, then complete the lap around the track. Hold for the 6.

                Start suicides, but this time put exercises all together to do 5 Squats, 5 Merkins, 5 BBS’s, & 1 Bodybuilder at each suicide point across field. Do Bodybuilders for the 6 and then the last 30 seconds until time.


                Limits………..we don’t know where our limits are until we surpass them. I come out everyday because of each PAX here, and I hope each PAX here comes out for the same reason. We are all here to push ourselves to get better in all the ways. We don’t know our own limits until we push past them. Keep pushing.

                Post Spring Break Shot House Monday

                QIC:  Mr. Clean

                Date: 04/12/2021

                PAX: Deer Jack, Geek Squad, Milkman, Sherlock, Tasty Cakes

                AO: Shot House


                53 degrees, and an absolutely beautiful spring morning. The toboggans, jackets, and tights are disappearing…Hello Spring!


                SSH x20 IC
                Willie Mays Hays x15 IC

                The Thang

                Mosey to the track to the bleachers.
                Bleacher Burner
                WMDs x50
                Completed in increments of 10 and run to the top of the bleachers each time
                Inverted Rows x75
                Completed in increments of 25 and run to the top of the bleachers each time
                100 Squats
                Completed in increments of 50 and….you get the idea
                Rocky Balboa’s Indian Run
                Last Pax completed 10 Rocky Balboa’s (hard way) and sprinted to catch the front. Repeated this process until we completed a lap.
                4×200 Relay
                Just that. A 4×200 Relay. Ya’ll he may only have one good run, but that one good run from Tasty Cakes is nasty! Way to push this morning!
                Mosey back to parking lot for COT


                Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness acted as foundational principles in which the Founding Fathers insisted remain rights for all people. If we are to truly maintain this in our country, we must also understand infringing on others’ rights in the process of our happiness breaks the code or principle in which the Founders insisted. So then, go and follow the rule of loving one another. Polarization, as George Washington warned in his farewell address, will most assuredly lead to failure.



                Recent Backblasts

                  The Elite 8 Edition at Detention

                  QIC:  GEEKSQUAD

                  Date: 03/29/2021

                  PAX:   Dundee, Hasbro, Mr. Clean, NordicTrack, Ponce De Leon, Postman, Roomba, She Shed, Slois Lane & U-Turn.

                  AO: Detention


                  Cooler and Feels like temperature is 38. A little brisk.


                  Willy Mayes Hayes x 12 IC
                  Butt Kickers x 12 IC
                  SSH x 20 IC

                  Butterflies x 12 – (Count to 12)
                  Greatest American Heroes x 4 (Left, Right, forward, recover -Rinse and Repeat 4 X)
                  Updog to down dog with toe flip x 4
                  SSH x 20 IC

                  Left Arm stretch x 6 (count to 6)
                  Right Arm stretch x 6 (count to 6)
                  Slow n low Squats x 6 (count to 6)
                  Iraqi Tee Times x 6 (count to 6)
                  SSH x 10 IC

                  Mosey to the hill

                  The Thang – The Elite 8 (exercises)

                  Moving -use the hill & / Stationary – Dora /AMRAP

                  Moving / Stationary
                  Bear crawls / Block Press
                  Imperial Walkers / Curls
                  Bernie Sanders / Tricep extensions
                  Lunges / LBCs
                  Defensive Slides / Squats
                  Mosey up and Back / Burpees
                  Karaokes / Freddy Mercurys
                  Jail Break up hill & mosey back / Low Rows

                  Mosey back to start

                  Flutter Kicks IC x 14
                  Peter Parkers IC x 14
                  FireHydrants IC x 10
                  Pretzels x 10 each leg IC
                  Box cutters x 10 IC
                  Merkins x 15 IC
                  Pickle Pounders x 15 IC


                  “I like arriving, getting out of the car and hearing music playing before the workout.” – NordicTrack

                  “It’s Monday and we have to bear crawl that far!”

                  “I think I should have decided to go to Shot House this morning.” – Ponce

                  “That felt like a telephone pole going in sideways” Which was followed by, “TWSS” and then, “I didn’t say, Jennifer said that!” – Mr. Clean and Geek Squad.

                  “Free and Free and Free and Free” before leading the exercise “fire hydrants” – Geek Squad


                  Trust is at the core of everything you do as a leader. If the people you lead, trust you, they will follow wherever you lead them. Without trust, transactions cannot occur. Without trust, influence is destroyed. Without trust, leaders lose their people. Trust can be either your most vulnerable weakness or your greatest asset.

                  Proverbs 3:5,6 is one of my favorite words of wisdom in the Bible. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path!

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