Bird-watching at Flintlock

QIC:  Dundee

Date: 8/22/2023


AOL, Bobbitt, Hurt Locker, Peffercorn, Plucker, Term Limit, Thin Mints

AO: Flintlock


Perfectly clear morning.

Temp: 74 degrees

Humidity: 95%

Visibility: 100%

Visibility of Plucker’s future wife: 0%


Standard round of 30 SSHs, 10 WMHs, 10 3GEs, shoulder blasters

The Thang

It would be great to come up with a title for this workout. How about something clever, yet accurate? Let’s go with

Multiple Rounds of Exercises
Pax are given one exercise and a rep count to do. Everyone works towards that total, but when the first pax reaches it, he announces “Recover” and all pax stop where they are and jailbreak to the opposite end of the parking lot (approximately 100 yards). The rounds were:
50 Blockees
100 Gas Pumpers with block – gas pumper with the legs, overhead extension with the block
100 Curlz for the Girlz (just the tip edition) – gripping the block in the front with just the fingers and thumb
100 Goblet Squats
100 Merkins

After running the last jailbreak, pax migrated to a wall for a round of 20 chicken peckers and a wall sit for the six.

The last 90 seconds were filled with LBCs in cadence and 15 leg raises.


YHC mentioned a moment of correction another pax gave him after a previous COT (thanks to Sunscreen for the candor). Rather than (or at least in addition to) giving someone a hard time for a soft commit, make the effort to find out what’s really behind it. Is it really an a premeditated absence in search of an excuse, or is the pax truly wanting to be in the gloom and struggling with something else.


F3 Nation lists Flintlock as a ‘boot camp’ style workout, but that’s only because ‘exercises performed while hoping and waiting for one specific jogger’ wasn’t an option. Other joggers passed by, their qualities assessed only as “her/not her.” There might be a COT in there somewhere.

“Your COT better be good after this.” – anonymous


Iron Pax approaches.
There is a Convergence hosted at The U on Labor Day at 6AM.