Boneyard B-Sides

QIC: Irish

Date: 10/27/2023

PAX: The Count, Cowbell, Castaway, V-Squared

AO: Boneyard


Low 60s. Great weather for a beatdown.


Started with some SSH, stretches, 3-rd grade exercises, LBACs, chair pose, tree pose, etc. Got nice and limber. Then went for a short mosey and did some wall work (wall sits, and Pure BURN – after which there was much grumble-chatter).

The Thang

This was totally stolen from 9-Volt’s Tommy Boy backblast (with some modifications) – props to 9-Volt. The idea was to do music trivia (hence Side A/Side B) after each exercise (if answered wrong, we would increase the rep count) but Q forgot to bring the trivia questions, so we just did the exercises as written.

Start on Side A and do the exercise, then move across the parking lot using the MOTION indicated and do Side B. Return to Side A using the same motion. Rinse and repeat.

We finished up with some stretching and a last-minute Burpee Bus.


Be conscious of negativity and negative people in our lives. Engaging with negative thoughts and negative people can cause us to adopt a negative attitude OURSELVES, which is toxic to our self-being, causes undue stress, and impacts our health. Seek to eliminate or minimize negativity where possible!


  • The Count regaled us with quite a story afterwards on positively dealing with a negative person!


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