Commit to the Winter Gloom @Smackdown

QIC:  Ghislaine

Date: 11/28/2023

PAX:   Mansiere, Old School, Gambler, Baloney, Recycle, Tootsie Roll, Happy Meal, Doula, Prosciutto, Catfish, Squirt, BiggTyme, Zima, Blow Pop, Mox

AO: Smackdown


Low to Mid 30s – Cold


Started with a mosey lap and then circled up. Continued with LBACs, Iraqi Ttime, Plank, Warrior Pose, and Third Grade Exercise.

The Thang

All exercises were done with a partner rotating with one another between motions. Exercises were intended to be completed cycling through the below list of motions every time partners rotated:

  • Exercises:
  • 100 Blockees -> Mosey Lap (1/4 mile)
  • 300 Big Boy Sit Ups -> Mosey Lap (1/4 mile)
  • 250 Block Presses -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • 200 Thrusters -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • 250 American Hammers -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • 150 Lizard Dances -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • 300 Curls -> Mosey Lap (1/8 Mile)
  • Motions:
  • Box Jumps up bleachers, 10 Johnny Dramas
  • Carry Block up bleachers, 10 Decline pushups
  • Up bleacher, squatting at every step, 10 incline pushups
  • Run to the back of the bleaches, 10 pull ups (Assisted or Not)
  • Bear Crawl to Cones


Always be courteous, always be kind, and most importantly once you start something don’t you ever stop until you are finished.


I was told after the workout that a lot of the PAX paired the motions with the exercise rather than cycling through each motion for each rotation during the exercise. Most of the PAX did an unholy amount of decline pushups :/


This was my first Q, thanks to everyone who came out. I’m grateful for this group.

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