Hey, Who Brought the Flag?

QIC:  Jenny Craig

Date: 09/01/2020

PAX: Gusher, Pound Dog, Old School (RESPECT), Hambone (RESPECT), Truck Stop, Natty Light, Joanna, Naked Gun, HR, Recycle, Burrito, Afterbirth, Red Raider, Pediasure, Amber Alert, Snow Patrol, Prosciutto, Holy Kiss

AO: Smackdown


Temp 68* with a dew point of 68* (which implies a humidity of somewhere between 99-100% aka “saturated”); the grass was longer than usual and had not been cut since at least last month; it was also unreasonably wet


Mosey lap around track and circle up
SSH IC x20
Forward Fold IC x10
WMH IC x10
Imperial Walkers IC x10
LBAC Forward IC x10
LBAC Reverse IC x10
Moroccan Night Club IC x10
5 Burpees OYO

The Thang

Getting familiar with EMOM since most at Smackdown will be doing IronPax on Thursday
PAX did called reps/exercise at the top of each minute; six exercises x two rounds for a total of 12 minutes
60x Freddie Mercury (count each leg)
50x Plank Jacks
40x Air Squats
30x Merkins
20x BBSUs
10x Burpees

P1 runs 50 yards and completes 5 burpees and returns; decrease burpee count by 1 each run out and back
P2 completes the following until P1 returns and swap until 5 runs each:
Round 1: 10x Carolina Dry Docks + Flutter Kicks until partner returns
Round 2: 20x Lunges + Plank until partner returns
Round 3: 30x LBCs + Mountain Climbers until partner returns (time called during round 3)


Small acts can make a big impact.

Many of us would probably describe ourselves as internally driven and self-motivated; even so, how does it make you feel when you receive external encouragement? How have you seen small actions/words make an out-sized impact with your kids, spouse, colleagues, etc? Often times, it takes very little effort or time on your part to make a big impact on someone else and change their day – be on the lookout for those opportunities.
In 1st Thessalonians 5:11, Paul concludes his letter to the church by exhorting them to “encourage one another and build one another up”.


10 burpee penalty to close because Afterbirth forgot the shovel flag was in his car (in the parking lot)


New AO on Mondays and Saturdays at SMMHS beginning 9/14. The name has been finalized…or has it?

Hambone is helping with 3rd F at Chubby’s next week – he will collect donations at Smackdown on Tuesday

Ironpax at Smackdown: week 1 on Thursday 9/3; week 2 on Tuesday 9/8

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