Groundhog Day and Comfort Zones

QIC:  Natty Light

Date: 10/26/2020

PAX: WreckedEm, Slim Shady, Recycle, Hambone, Burrito, BumbleBee, Joanna, Red Raider, Holy Kiss, Bobo, Snow Patrol, Pediasure, 

AO: Convoy


Overcast, calm, mild, gloom


Side straddle hops, little baby arm circles, reverse little baby arm circles, forward fold, imperial walkers, Willis Mays Hayes, side straddle hops

The Thang

Groundhog Day – Bonus Edition!
Mosey from the parking lot to the track. Beginning at the 110m start, bear crawl to first hurdle then do 10 merkins. Next, Bernie to next hurdle then do 10 squats. Then mosey to next hurdle and do 10 big boy sit-ups. Finally, lunge to the last hurdle and do 10 burpees. Run the remainder of the lap and repeat the process over again until time is called.


The importance of breaking out of your comfort zone. In addition to breaking out of your comfort zones physically, it’s equally as important to do so socially. For me, speaking in front of a group of people that I barely know is well outside of my comfort zone. A good reminder of something that I read in Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life about living a full filled life on the border between order and chaos.


Thanks to Slim Shady and WreckedEm for making the trek from Ooltewah/East Brainerd area for my (2nd) VQ since I fartsacked my first VQ.


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