Pink Panther’s VQ

QIC:  Pink Panther

Date: 06/20/2020

PAX: Goose, Venus, Candu, Back Pew, FNG-Slide, Doodles, Fly-by, Sunburn, Cheech, Rocketman, FNG-Cuddles, Magnum, FNG-Darla, Twitch, FNG-Flip, Skitch, Mr. Met, FNG-Wagon Wheel, She Shed, Fissure, FNG-Wet Money, Nemo

AO: The Landfill


Sunny, warm.


15 SS hop IC, 15 high knee IC, 15 butt kick IC, jump rope IC, 15 Heisman 123 IC, 15 Heisman IC, jump rope IC, 20 basketball OYO, football drills, Rocketts (alternating squat/kicks lined up)

Whole body stretching x 4+ minutes

The Thang

Speedwork with slow Q

IR with alternating exercises during run (high knee, butt kick, speed skating, leaping, etc)

Jailbrake the Big Thankyou.

Field work: 8 x burpee, JB field between markers, tricep Merkin, skip back

30 squat jumps, JB field , big boy sit up variant, skip back

Repeat four cycles of above with alternating exercises downfield including tricep Merkins and American Hammers.

Little hill: dips bottom, calf raisers, JB or bearcrawl or Bernie little hill with 10 incline/10 decline merkins as many rounds until time.

Plank work x 2 minutes , 3 minutes stretching at end.


Father’s day talk: discussed gratitude for our fathers or other male role models who helped us when it counted. Look inward and acknowledge or strengths and weaknesses as fathers or mentors and work to improve where we can.


Trivia questions during workout: astronomical events of the day included summer solstice and annular eclipse on other side of the world, Jaws was opened this date in 1975, and trivia regarding the Great Seal of the United States adopted this date in 1782. Fly-by expertly answered several for which he was rewarded with extra burpees with others following in the joy.


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