Hardcore Partner Core

QIC:  Vaccine

Date: 01/31/2020

PAX: Swipe Right, Clothespin, Escobar, Chavez, El Chapo, DNF, Bernie, Snow Patrol, Jazzy Jag, John Doe, Flatline, Runner Up, Wala Wala, Peanuts, Toe Tag, Wuznt Me

AO: Hacksaw


A warm 40 degrees, nice and dry


Forward fold, willie mays hayes

mosey to the city hall parking lot

SSH, third grade excercise, seal claps, shoulder press, runner stretches, SSH

The Thang

Four’s a crowd
Table Workouts

1st bench- 15 incline merkins, 2nd bench- 10 box jumps, 3rd bench- 10 dips, 4th bench- 10 calf raises, (repeat for 2 sets) Mosey around the city hall

Only Thing a Pickle Ball Court is Good For

400 merkins, 800 lbc, 800 squats per group of 4. First team member runs a suicide, and then switches, etc. After first round of suicides, then the running switches to a lap. Mosey around city hall

Hardcore Partner Core

Groups of 2, 20 big boy sit ups with targets/20 leg throw downs. Switch


Today’s COT was about the idea of a comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zone is the reason most of us started attending F3. Imagine the possibilities you are missing sticking to your comfort zone. Don’t let fear of failure prevent you from getting out of your comfort zone, as you can learn the most in failure. Just don’t fail twice.
BALL OF MAN: Swipe Right led a great ball of man flesh


Several stragglers came in late and a few over sleepers but we will leave it up to it being the last Friday of the month, just don’t let it happen again!


Don’t forget to follow the 3rd F channel on slack and sign up for Tuesday. Great ministry with some awesome people over at Chubby’s. Very much worth your time.

Sale Creek convergence is pending.

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