Holiday Grab-Bag

QIC:  Snatch

Date: 12/21/2020

PAX: Blue, Ponce, Gretel, Mr. Clean, Roomba, Dundee, U-turn

AO: Detention


Clear, mid-40s.


Jump rope x 30 seconds, jumping inchworms x 10 OYO, imperial walkers x 10 IC, third grade exercise x 10 IC, WMH x 10 IC, Michael Phelps x 10 OYO.

The Thang

Wall sit intervals combined with coupon chest press, coupon shoulder press, twisting crunches, and coupon deadlifts; mountain climbers x 10 HC after each interval.

Circuits of 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off of the following coupon exercises: leg lifts, man makers, kettle bell swings, lawn mowers, and pickle pointers. Run a lap after circuit complete, repeat for a total of 3 circuits.

Yuletide Yoga Session: progression of downward dog, plank, cobra, and child poses.

Little Bit of Mary, Yoga Style: boat pose, table pose, slow bicycle crunches, slow scissor crunches.


Shared verses from Hebrews 12 (regarding endurance and perseverance in the midst of hardship) and Luke 2 (regarding Anna’ patient expectation of the Messiah), and connected these verses to our current shared experiences with COVID-19 and the Christmas season.



[Fill in News, Upcoming Q’s, Events, etc.]

Structural Support, Short Circuitry, and the Circle O’ Mary

QIC: Snatch

Date: 10/21/2020

PAX: Dundee, NordicTrack, Blue, Running Man, Gretel, Mr. Clean, U-Turn, White Lightning, Heisenberg


61°, clear skies, and calm.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Forward Fold x 10 IC
  • Downward Dog Pose to Cobra Pose and back to Downward Dog
  • WMH x 15 IC
  • SSH x 10 IC
  • Mosey out to the road, up the stairs, and down to the far side of the Detention Facility

The Thang

Structural Support

Wall sit with alternating leg raises in cadence (sort of a squat-march type of thing) x 10 IC, then performed slightly declined WMDs (with feet up on high curb, performed 5 each or wide, regular, and diamond merkins).

Short Circuitry

40 seconds on, 20 seconds off with the following circuit of exercises, performed with coupons: squat into overhead press, lawn mowers (reverse lunge with row at the end on one side, then repeat on the other side for the next circuit), deadlift into biceps curl, and American hammers. We ran a lap around the upper track after completion of the circuit, and we repeated this glorious cycle 2 more times.

Additional Structural Support, Cobra Kai Style

We revisited the wall at the end of the Detention Facility to provide further structural support with more wall sitting, this time throwing alternating jabs and then alternating upper cuts x 10 IC, followed by knuckle pushups x 10 IC.

Circle O’ Mary

We then circled up on our sixes and went around the circle, where each PAX called out an ab exercise for our mutual enjoyment. Mr. Clean treated us to reverse lunge/flutter kick combos, Blue tortured us with American Thors (BBS with American Hammers at the end), Running Man mixed it up with BBS with alternating jabs at the end, and Dundee brought us home with Peter Parkers.


I borrowed some thoughts from the Q Source pertaining to the foundational leadership principle of Disruption, and I spoke briefly about the idea that a leader disrupts his followers by moving them from a state of stagnation to a place of advantage. Good leaders do this while present with others, great leaders motivate others to do this even when he is not around, but the best leaders seek to leave a legacy of movement from stagnation to advantage that lasts beyond their lifetimes. To achieve this legacy, a leader’s love for his followers must exceed his love for himself. “The great leader knows that if his love is not great, then neither will be his leadership.”

How About a Broga Sandwich?

QIC: Snatch

Date: 08/05/2020

PAX: Milkman, Dundee, Squid, Cleaver, Postman, Ponce, Blue, NordicTrack, Ringwald, High Beam, She Shed, Sherlock, Magnum, Swinger, Footloose, Payload, Mr. Met, White Lightning, Hasbro, Geek Squad, Tasty Cakes

AO: Shot-House


71 degrees and clear


SSH x 10, Forward Fold, then it got weird with some Broga (downward dog pose, plank pose, cobra pose, downward dog pose again, triangle pose and reverse on each side), Imperial Walkers X 10

The Thang

Mosey from parking lot to track for 4 rounds of exercises, done individually but within a group, with one Indian run lap around the track with the group after each round, as follows:

Round 1                                    Round 2                                   Round 3                                   Round 4

60 body-weight squats60 bent-over rows with coupon60 Freddie Mercuries (count right leg)60 toe merkins with coupon
40 merkins40 body-weight lunges (count each leg)40 deadlifts with coupon40 dips (using bleachers)
20 BBS20 flutter kicks (count right leg)20 curls with coupon20 American hammers (count right leg)

Then, more Broga: boat pose and reverse plank pose x 3, forward fold X 10


It’s a privilege for us to gather together each day for our beatdowns, especially in light of the fact that other brothers are unable to do so due to illness, etc. So, let’s not take for granted any day that we’re blessed with the opportunity to gather together in the Gloom.

The shared struggle we endure in our beatdowns increases our fellowship and builds an inner strength that we will need to draw from when trials and adversity come our way.

“You have tested us, O God; you have purified us like silver.”– Psalm 66:10 (New Living Translation)