3 Minutes is Actually a Long Time

QIC: Cliffhanger

Date: 09/20/2019

PAX: VSquared, Loan Shark, Sunburn, The Count, Wallflower, Ascot, Prosciutto, Candu, Skitch

AO: Boneyard


Slightly muggy, a taste of Fall in the air.


Sundry calisthenics

The Thang

3 minute Fartlek


Run, 3 mins merkins

Run, 3 mins jump squats

Run, 3 mins plank

Run, 3 mins burpees

Run, 2 mins merkins

Run, 2 mins jump squats

Run, 2 mins plank

Run, 2 mins burpees

Closeout with some gutwork


Sebastian Junger’s book Tribe was discussed. Men need to be in small groups struggling together towards a common goal. This is deeply embedded in our DNA. Today’s society is not set up for this type of existence. F3 is an antidote, a part of the Resistance to the atomistic, fluid existence that the 21st Century technocratic West promotes. We must continue to foster our bonds and our struggle.



3 minutes is quite a long time actually. We discovered this after about 1 minute of merkins. Many in the group seemed to be quite pleased with this discovery, for various personal reasons.



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