Counter Clockwise

Location: Shothouse
Date: 11/04/2020

This being my first Q (or VQ) I didn’t want to mess it up. I worked to setup 4 stations to do up workouts and rotate between stations. But I setup the numbered stations in order of counter clockwise. Little did I know, when I told the team to move clockwise, people almost collided. No harm no foul! But it makes for a good name for a workout. See below and I hope you enjoy.

Warm up
5 burpees (on your own)
20 side straddle hops
10 little baby arm circles (forward and back)
20 shoulder press
Forward fold
Willy Mays Hayes
3rd grade exercise
Runners stretch
10 side straddle hops
5 burpees

4 groups – stay together as a group.
Finish all 4 exercises before moving on.
Rotate clockwise. (WRONG WAY!!!)
Don’t start moving to the next station until the other group
in front of you starts moving.
Hold Al Gore while waiting for teammates or other groups
Leave your blocks at the station you start at.
At station #1, please setup 2 blocks to do incline pushups

Station 1
Curls x 20
Shoulder press x 20
Calf raises x 20
Incline Merkins (use two coupons) x 20
Lunges to next station

Station 2
Tricep extensions x 20
Bent-over Rows x 20
Mountain climbers x 20 (hard count)
LBCs x 20
Bear crawl to next station

Station 3
Curls x 20
Shoulder taps x 20 (hard count)
Merkins x 20
Monkey humpers x 20
Broad jumps to next station

Station 4
Tricep extensions x 20
Squats (with coupon) x 20
Plank Jacks x 20
Flutter kicks x 20 (hard count)
Karaoke to next station

COT Message – 2 Gs

In life, we tend to focus on the first G which is what I “Get”. Getting is focused on our basic needs like water, food, shelter, safety, health, etc…. It is easy to fall into a self focused nature. It is human instinct to do that. To a degree we need to Get things to survive. But we shouldn’t focus all our time, thoughts, and energy on this G.

The more rewarding G is to “Give”. Giving takes the focus off of us and focuses it on something or someone else. It is in those instances when we forget our troubles, or our hard spots and it helps us to do to others that may need more than we need for ourselves. Giving is more rewarding in the end. Even if you don’t et anything of value in return. But you must not do it for the reward itself. If you do that, you will never fully benefit from Giving.

Leading this Q is my way of Giving back to F3. Giving back to the men who have lead me in a Q for many months now. I hope this inspires you to focus more on Giving!

Slois Lane