Push at the Parliament

QIC:  WoodRider

Date: 07/15/2020

PAX: D-Fib, John Doe, Black Out, Mr. May, Coldplay, Sousa, WreckedEm, Fiddy Cent, Cavity Search, Threeskin, Toe Tag, Furley, Madoff, Cowbell, Hey Buddy, Ramrod, 

AO: Parliament


Fresh Hot Tar Sweaty (70’s w/humidity)


Mosey to the school entrance perform:

  • 25 SSH
  • 20 Don Quixote’s
  • 20 3rd Grade Stretch
  • 15 LBAC
  • 15 RLBAC
  • 5 R Finkle Swings
  • 5 L Finkle Swings

The Thang

The workout consisted of activity circuits set to songs. Each song represented an assigned activity focused on cardio, core, arms, or legs. Once a song was finish PAX would run a 1/8 mile lap and return for the next activity/song.

Song 1: Bawitaba (Kid Rock) / Focus: Cardio

  • Chorus: Burpees
  • Verses: SSHs

1/8 Mile Lap

Song 2: Move (TobyMac)/ Focus: Core

  • Verse 1: Flutter Kicks
  • Chorus: Plank
  • Verse 2: Hello Dollies
  • Chorus: Plank
  • Verse 3: Freddy Mercury’s
  • Plank to the end (alternating arm raise optioned)

1/8 Mile Lap

Song 3: Baba O’Riley (The Who) / Focus: Cardio

Side shuffle the whole song. Reverse direction and touch the ground upon leader command.

Song 4: Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand) / Focus: Arms

"Steps of Parliament"
PAX aligned along the bottom step to entrance of the school(6 steps)
Merkin at the bottom step
Arm walk up one step
Arm walk down to bottom step
Arm walk up one step
Arm walk up next step
Arm walk down one step
…Continue cycle to the top step and back down. Complete as many cycles as possible.

1/8 Mile Lap

Song 5: Walk of Life (Dire Straits) / Legs

  • Air Squats duration of song
  • Cotton-Eyed-Joes any time “walk” or “Woo Hoo” is said
  • CEJ’s to the end the last 15 seconds


John 8:1-11 – Put Down the Rock

Jesus was teaching when interrupted by religious leaders who wanted to trap him into either renouncing Mosaic Law or going against the Roman rule they were under. They did so by wanting him to approve the stoning of a woman they had caught in the act of adultery. If he says don’t stone her he would be going against their interpretation of Jewish Law. If he said to stone her, he would be going against Caesar and Roman Law. Blind with rage, with rocks in hand, and looking for a reason to riot they pushed Jesus for a response.

Jesus, instead doesn’t give way to their emotional show of rage. He calmly ignores them at first. Then he looks at them with compassionate understanding of the entire situation, and says for whoever is perfect (without any guilt for your own decisions) to throw the first stone.

After hearing this they slowly drop their rocks and leave without attacking/judging the woman (or Jesus). With a simple and calm response Jesus had made the riot leaders reflect upon their own sins before judging others (He also turned their trap back on them).

When we read this, it is tempting to look at the world today and associate the rioters with those we don’t agree with both figuratively and in action. However, the challenge is to first view this story as if YOU are one of the rioters. Are you so focused on judging other’s actions, that you have become blind to your own poor decisions or opinions? Though, there are so many people making truly poor choices that are wrong no matter the justification they use, we are called to be slow to speak and quick to listen (James 1:19). To view others as more important than ourselves and love first (Philippians 2). IF these are our first steps, then we will be better equipped to stand bold in our faith, defend our faith when needed, and lovingly/calmly respond to those formed against it. Putting down the rock in our own hands we can then change the hearts of those that oppose our faith and need it most.


Freshly paved blacktop is hotter than 15 year old blackout.

Rumor has it that Threeskin may have covered the “Steps of Parliament” 3 times up and down.


Continue to pray for Vera Hope and Lutefisk’s family. If you would like to help out reach out to Purple Rain for ways you can help them through this time.

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