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QIC: Co-Q (Threeskin, Sidekick)

Date: 04/26/2019

PAX: Peanuts, Mrs. Baker, Wuznt’ Me, Fast Lane, Threeskin, Sidekick

AO: Collegedale


61 and Raining – ish


We warmed up sufficiently with a round robin pick yo poison

The Thang

Incorporated the 40 lb bags of Deer Corn this morning with a Dora of Incline Curb Mercans, Corn bag squats and a lap around the Stripper Mall.  Two teams of 3.

Round 2 was not really a Dora.  Still two teams of 3, all 3 members lunging forward, one with the corn on their back.  We went about 20 yds, then switched the corn to a second teammate who lunged with the corn until the last corn toter ran a lap around the stripper mall.  Then handed off to the third member, second member ran his lap, etc.  Did this until we lapped the Stripper mall with lunges.  Kind of like a corn totin lungin injun run.

Mosey across Talladega super speedway to the playground and mixed in some lat rows, swing assisted knee pull in ab exercises, pushes ups on Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo.  Mosey back to the flag for some pretzel crunches.  Time


Talked today about laying out the plan for the AO.  Looks like we will focus on Fridays for now, evaluate as it grows.  TWSS


Good time had by all today.  Nice to be back at it after 3 days off.  Whoever that was that called Monkey Humpers, we will be talking tomorrow.


Non ya.  This is Black Ops Baby

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