F3 Family Day

QIC: Multiple

Date: 10/19/2019

PAX: Ducktales, Vila, Iron butt, Fissure, Uncle Fester, Skitch, Moneyball, Whittler, Threeskin, Best In Show, Gusher, Loan Shark, outbreak

AO: Landfill


Not raining


Wild Yoga!

Cat- lots of Cat MEOWS!

Cow- many MOOs

Down Dog- WOOF woof

Up Dog- howling!

Pigeon- etc

Eagle- America!

The Thang

  • 11s squat/ merikin

Split into 2 groups. Team shakers and team dance off. Dance-off started with cups, slackers started off slacklineing

  • Cups

Set up 10 cups upside down with different exercises/ things to do. (Thumb war, Dance off, flop like a fish, make up a hand shake, burpee, high five plank, etc)

  • Slack line

Props to Moneyball for setting up the slack line. Duck assumed everyone knew what a slackline is. if you do not know here is the kid friendly set up. Set up slack line and went under then over then, etc, etc.

2 groups swapped cup and slackline locations

Then Pumpkin shuffle

Relay up hill. No feet moving while you got the pumpkin in your hands.

Dodgeball and doughnut holes





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    AO: Landfill


    It was raining kiddos…


    Biggest warm-up at the land fill thus far.  It was one for the “ages.”
    It featured SSHs and Slip and Slides

    The Thang

    Lets maximize the slip and slide.
    Marshmallow Castle Race

    Time for a water balloon toss.

    And of course the donut toss comes next

    More Slip and Slide


    Iron Butt brought it home by sharing the love. 


    How in the world are we going to top this next time!

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