3 years goes so fast…

QIC: Jazzy Jag

Date: 11/16/2019

PAX: Best in Show (R), Swingset, Mayhem, Evita, 9 Volt, Threeskin, Prosciutto, Lutefisk, Escobar, Bernie, Skitch, Venus, WuzntMe, Early Bird, Free Candy, Walla Walla, Chief, Vaccine, DNF, John Doe, Fastlane, Iron Butt (RR), Curfew, Sunburn (R), SideKick, Steam Engine, Fissure, Lanyard, MoneyBall, Uncle Fester, Peanuts, Deep Dish, The Count (RR), Ramos, U-Turn, Hansen, Dolly, Focker, Annie, Kickback, El Chapo, Mrs. Baker, Gusher, Chavez, ShotPut, FNG-WoodChuck, FNG-AllState

AO: RidgeCut


A bit frosty at the start, but by the time we got back up the hill things had warmed up…


Mosey around the parking lot to circle up around island

Sshs x 20 IC

Slow merkins x 10 IC

Willie Mays hays x 10 IC

Fire hydrants x 10 IC

Sshs x 15 IC

Carolina dry docks x 10 IC

Imperial walker x 10 IC

Forward fold x 9 IC

Sumo leg lifts x 10 IC

Sshs x 10 IC

Mosey down hill, then jailbreak back up to field

All PAX held plank at the edge of the field while men at each end and 2 in the middle ran across field and back, then relayed run to next man.

Repeat with PAX holding Al Gore

The Thang

Mega Dora
Captains assigned for 9 teams of 5 PAX total.

Each team had one man assigned to each exercise to start, exercised for 1 minute AMRAP, then 20 seconds off, rotating to the next exercise, picking up where the man before left off. Continue rounds until all required reps of all exercises are complete.

Round 1:

100 burpees

200 big boi situps

Encouragement tree – the man at this station encouraged good form, max effort from teammates

200 lunges – each leg counts

200 single leg deadlifts – each leg counts

Round 2:

200 plank jacks

200 ski jumps – each leg counts

Encouragement tree

100 inchworms

300 flutter kicks – each leg counts

Round 3:

15 total laps of soccer field



Growth – F3 Chattanooga has had 231 FNGs this year! Unbelievable. This has far surpassed the calendar year goal. So what are we going to do with this growth? How are we going to use it? We have the first F (fitness) drawing people in like crazy, now how are we using that to feed into Fellowship and Faith opportunities? Q challenged himself and F3 Chatt leadership to examine next steps.

Personally we each grow in different ways. We grow in fitness through F3, how are we using that to feed back into our households? We grown in skill and capability in work and school, how are we reaching out to lift up people who don’t have the skills we have? Mentorship opportunities are always available when you look to build up brothers around you.


Mass confusion about Mega Dora. Big props to team captains for acting like they knew what was going on.

Q tested out a new idea for calling cadence and instructions – #pubertyvoice. Successful.


Battery anniversary next Saturday 11/23 – Abcess on Q

Kick off of RidgeCut – every Thursday at 5:30am

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