Sky’s Out All Hanging Out – Boneyard Style

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 04/09/2019

PAX: Candu, Threeskin, Mr. Clean, Prosciutto, V Squared, Iron Butt (Respect X2), Roadhouse (Respect X2), The Count (Respect X2), DuckTales, Sunburn (Respect), Pink Eye, Whoopi, Peanuts, FNG-Ascot, FNG-Dollywood (Nomad)

AO: Boneyard


62 and Gloomy, Occasional sprinkle


SSH ICX35; Forward fold; Third Grade Exercises IC X12; SSH IC X20; Right over Left; Left over Right; Mercans ICX15; Slow Count Squats ICX15; Monkey Humpers ICX10; Pickle Pounders IC X12; Mosey to the Tennis Courts

The Thang

Body by Sidekick

We started off with Lunges up the hill to the courts.

4 corners on the courts:

Insert Bus Burpees here – 5 burpees for a passing bus

Corner 1 – Seal Claps ICX15, traveling Burpees to Corner 2

Corner 2 – Slow Squats ICX15, Shuffle Squats to Corner 3

Corner 3 – Mercans 20 OYO, Traveling Burpees to Corner 4

Corner 4 – Reach Around ICX20, Suffle Squats to Corner 1

Audibled to the parking lot in interest of Pax Safety – Slippage, see Moleskin

4 Corners in the Lot

Corner 1 – Mercans 20 OYO; Traveling Burpees to Corner 2

Corner 2 – Nancy Kerrigans ICX10 each leg; Lunge to Corner 3

Corner 3 – Wall Sit ICX25; traveling Burpees to Corner 4

Corner 4 – Calf Raises ICX15; Lunges to Corner 1

Mosey to Wall – Ircans Slow IC X15

Willie Mays Hays ICX15

Fast mosey to the Pit – Pull ups/Incline Pull ups (because we can) – sets of 10 and 8

Dercans ICX15 on the apparatus of your choice

Mosey to Flag – Time


Dedication and Commitment are hard in our society today.  Dedication and commitment to F3 is easy, we need to be there and spread the word


Lots of chatter today.  Courts were too slippery – That’s what she said

My new favorite TWSS of all time – I called Dercans and to find an apparatus, I believe it was Ducktles who uttered Thats what she said.  Classic.

Lots of talk about how we were out drawing and out working hill city regardless of what their count or work level was.  I admire that attitude, facts are optional


Prayers for Clean’s appt today.  Get out to some new AOs this week where you can

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