Say What??…. In Cadence

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 09/12/2019

PAX:  Dirk, Iron Butt (RX2), Wallflower, Curfew, Hobo, Ringwald, FNG-Carabiner, Skitch, FNG-Hanson, Loan Shark, Uncle Fester, Sinai, Cowbell, Belly Roll, Blindside, Sherlock, Red Tees, Callahan (R), Moneyball, Candu, Sunshine

AO: Hill City


67 degrees, clear and sore


Mosey to the Great hall

SSH ICX25; Right over left ICX8; Left over Right ICX8; Proscuito’s Gold Chain ICX12; 3rd grade exercises ICX10; Morroccan Night Club ICX12; Cherry Pickers ICX12; Willie Mays hays ICX14; Wall Sit with Arm Movements – 2 min; Slow Squats ICX15; SSH ICX15; Chicken Peckers ICX10

Mosey to River walk

The Thang

Split into 2 groups, then partner up

Get a rock, more of the WWE rock and not the movie star Rock

Partner 1 – Run the river walk, 10 Mercans and 10 Big Boi Sit ups, run back

Partner 2 – Rock work all ICX10 – Over head press; Curls, bent over rows.  

                        In between each exercise  – Recovery reps of forward fold, Al Gore, Plank                                ICX7 each

Aggressively mosey to Mt. Madoriyama

Keep 2 groups

Stay with me here, this is different.

Group 1 – line up the hill in plank position, bear crawl Indian run to the front.  Continue up the hill until all PAX have gone twice.  Bernie Bear down

Group 2 – Line up on your 6  feet to feet and head to head, alternating up the hill.  Block starts at the bottom.  All PAX big boi as the block moves to the top of the line.  Everyone spin 180 degrees, block goes back down the line, then back up.  Spin again, block goes back down.

Groups Flap jack

Get back with partners, 

Partner 1 bernies up the hill, mosey down.  

Partner 2 – Reach around till partner gets back

Flap jack

Up Tempo Mary

Pretzel Crunch ICX12 each side; Dying Cockroach ICX12; Freddy Mercury ICX12; Flutter Kicks ICX15



The day after 9/11 where we remembered the ones lost and the families that still deal with the loss 18 years later, I want to focus on how we live our lives today. We need to appreciate what we have and not take each day for granted.  Tell the ones you love that you love them, every day.  Life can change fast.  Those towers were there one day and gone the next.  No one is immune and you never know what is coming. 


So many new people for me to meet today!  Glad to have the opportunity to be at HC and lead you men.


Iron Pax continues like a freight train in a tunnel.  No way around it.

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