A Foolish Hypocrite

QIC: Prosciutto

Date: 09/10/2019

PAX: Odd Job, Ducktales, Freetime, Whittler, FNG-Coin Slot, Money Ball, FNG-Shredder, FNG-Cottontail, Blindside

AO: Smackdown


Muggy, humid, purest and rarest mountain air in the region


SSH x 10 IC
High Knees x 10 IC
Wide High Knees x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Third Grade Exercises IC
Willy Mays Hays
Baby Arm Circles (F/B)
Morrocan Night Club with Dancing/Bobbing/Moving with the Funk
SSH x 12 IC

Indian Run lap 400m for good measure

The Thang

With IronPax Challenge going on, it seemed only right to give the regions newest AO a taste of what has been accomplished so far; pair off in groups of 3 / team

And since we have a track at our disposal – why not summon my inner Candu, and offer a relay?

IronPax Relay
3 Rounds with 3 pax per team; cones set 40 yards out as a marker for the traveling man

Round 1:
Traveler: Lunge to Cone & Lunge Back
P2: Squats AMRAP
P3: Worst Merkins Ever AMRAP

When six is in, all together LBCs in Cadence

Jail Break width of field, both ways.

Round 2:

Traveler: Broad Jump Burpee to Cone and Bear Crawl back
P2: Big Boy Situps
P3: Bonnie Blaire

When six is in, all together Plank Jack x 20 IC

Indian Run 400m

Round 3:
Traveler: Bear Crawl to cone, perform 5 burpees, Bear Crawl back
P2: Man Makers w/ Block
P3: Overhead Press w/ Block

When six is in, all together Flutter Kick x Forever IC

Jail break width of field

Arrive at bleachers on other side of track:
Box Jump to the top
Dips x 12 IC
Incline Merkins x 10 IC
Decline Merkins x 10 IC

Jail break back across width of field; Ducktales false started, won, gloated, argued false start accusation. Well done.



> Infinity Plank with a side of *G2

While planking, YHC inserted wisdom regarding ‘the magnet’; half-paraphrasing from Freed to Lead:

There’s three F’s in F3. First is Fitness. We call it the magnet... but why?

It’s the draw to the group. It fills the gaps of a man’s inconsistent fitness. But it’s more about a man showing up consistently and becoming part of something. As he shows up consistently, he has no choice than to get better, be better.

He finds out he’s getting better each time he shows up because he’s gaining on the guys today who were faster than him yesterday; he’s making progress. It’s simple.

No longer does he need to pay “Crystal” the trainer to make him do lunges and squats; the Q does it now. Once he posts, he can say so long to the fake plants in the corner of the gym who “were” his comfort zone. He can say good bye to the personal trainer check he was stroking each month; without seeing any progress.

Now he has real men to push him, hold him to his commitments; call him out for good reason if he’s backsliding or falling short in his progress.

He finds it doesn’t necessarily get easier, but instead it’s the opposite. But he has so much fun doing it - he keeps coming back for more.

That’s the magnet. Next week, we can talk about the Glue, or the second F;

* Lexicon: G2 = Information


A research scientist was giving a commencement speech back in the late 70’s at Cal Polytech. His name was Richard Feynman.

He spoke about research methods, the scientific method, what makes a good scientist and integrity in experimentation. One particular thing I came across In the speech that spoke rather profoundly to me is where he said this,

“Be careful not to fool yourself; and you’re the easiest one to fool”

Got me thinking… Every day we walk through life witnessing, assessing, judging and making decisions. All of these assessments, we view through a prism of good or bad, that prism is based on our world view or ideals. Often times, a rather narrow prism, in fact.

One thing I’ve noticed is how I can internally place judgement on another’s actions or words, but completely fall blind to my own actions. I’ll judge another, only to turn around and justify my own (at times) exact same behavior; sweeping it under the rug.  That’s fooling yourself in a most extreme way. Who’s really the fool? Joke’s on who now?

In essence, we can all be fool’s trapped inside ourselves. I challenge and encourage each of you, to go and find that fool – cast him aside, overcome him and his judgments. Stop lying to yourself first, open your eyes and realize that kind of hypocrisy will only take you down a long winding dark road of suckitude.

Rid yourself of that negativity, you’ll find greater happiness and peace in your thoughts and greater hope restored in your fellow man.


  • #Kotters to Odd Job. Happy you’re back brother! This sentence is mostly true.
  • Ducktales false starts on jail breaks; doesn’t need it because he’s a Deer with very very very long long legs.
  • Gonna be alot of squinty eyes in the Smackdown COT vids; Signal Mountain folk don’t like the “light pollution”. See: City Council meetings proposing any development
  • Post-gloom coffee from the Ducktales canteen will burn everything from your tongue down to your… well, past your tongue. The first sip is delicious, after that – no taste in anything for 4 days. Worth it.
  • Blocks ‘borrowed’ from the church may require future tithing (this is not a commercial and I accepted zero-endorsement $ to print this)


Iron Pax Week 2 is upon us. Smackdown will host IP Week 2 for those interested. Perfect setting.

Signal Mountain AO is here! Headlock everyone

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