QIC:  Fissure
Date: 07/21/2018
PAX: Prosciutto, Free Candy, The Count (Respect), Mudslide, Moondance, FNG-Dirty Laundry (Rocky Lapere), Speed Bump, Steam Engine, Milkman, Geek Squad, FNG-Hunchback (Cristian Lagunas), Threeskin
AO: Landfill


Closest thing to a chilly morning we’ve had in a while after overnight storms.  Didn’t last long, though.

The Disclaimer

This isn’t your normal bootcamp Saturday at the Landfill.  Let’s have us some fun.


We had a couple stragglers leaving plenty of time for some stretching OYO followed by SSH, squats, lunges, then more SSH IC

The Thang



It’s pretty important to refer to this game correctly when you surround yourself with High Impact Men the likes of F3 Chattanooga.  I was sharpened this week when I referred to it as ultimate frisbee.  Never again.  Never again.
Good times were had today.  We broke up into teams of six until our thirteenth arrived giving us a sub (PTL).  Shirts vs Skins.  Shirts prevailed 10-8 in a hard fought match.  We need to do this again soon.