Parking Lots Aren’t Just for Parking Cars

QIC: Ringwald
Date: 09/06/2018
PAX: Back Pew, Cable Cutter, Candu, Flemish, FNG-Franzia, Free Candy, Jekyll (F3 The Fort), Moondance, Sunshine, Threeskin, VSquared, Wort
AO: Hill City


A semi-pleasant, dry morning.

The Disclaimer

My name is Ringwald, and although I am not a professional I am on Q today. Push yourself hard but do not hurt yourself, you are here on your own free will.


The Great Hall
Windmill X 10 IC
Cotton Pickers X 10 IC
Side lunges X 10 IC
Squats X 10 IC
Arm circles X 15 IC
Reverse arm circles X 15 IC
Moroccan Night Club X 15 IC
Merkins X 10 IC
Side-step Planks (aka Toe Tappers from now on) X 15 IC
Mountain Climbers X 10 IC

The Thang

Parking Lot 1 – Love Shack
Start at one side of the parking lot.
Broad Jump to each line of a parking spot then perform 5 squats and 5 toe merkins.
Continue until you reach the end of the lot.
Parking Lot 2 – Edley’s Barbeque
Start at one side of the parking lot. Time for Merkin Suicides.
Run to first parking line, return to start and perform 1 Merkin.
Run to second parking line, return to start and perform 2 Merkins.
Rinse and repeat, increasing Merkins each time you return, until you reach the end of the lot.
Parking Lot 3 – Big Chill Parking Deck
PAX ran up the stairs to the 3rd level to perform some 4-corners exercises.
100 LBCs
100 Flutter Kicks
100 Hollywoods (50 each side)
100 Confusers (TM) – all four limbs raised, lower opposite hand and leg, bring back up, repeat for other side)
PAX used the ramps to run back down and then headed to the great hall right on time to end.


Stay strong in your vision, but be open to the flexibility on how you get there.
We need where we want to go in life and think we know the path, but that path sometimes has some curves, bumps, or dips in it. Stay focused but adapt to life to get where you want to be.


Lots of mumble chatter behind me during the moseys, probably just thanking me for making the PAX better. The smell of Edley’s smoker made some people’s mouth water, for better or for worse.


Blood Drive for Cable Cutter’s coworker on 9/6, he will send details to Slack channels.