Moondance VQ

QIC: Moondance
Date: 12/20/18
PAX: BlackHat, Care Bear, Dirk, Free Candy, FNG-Geyser, Goose, Iron Butt, Laces Out, Ringwald, Roadhouse, Sunshine, Threeskin, VSquared, Vila, Venus
AO: Hill City


Mid 40s, weirdly comfortable; it rained until almost the exact moment we started.

The Disclaimer

Disclaimed. I’m not a pro despite my choice of footwear. Know your limits, push them but modify as needed.


Mosey to the big track in Coolidge. 4 half laps with 6 exercises at each stop, ending at stage:
15 sprinklers
10 cotton pickers
10 slow count merkins
10 flying sun god sobriety style (aka, nancy kerrigans)
10 pickle variations ( rotate between pounders, reverse, and one legged)
10 slow count squats

The Thang

Stay at stage in Coolidge
2 sets of each of the following with a partner:
– 8 Pickle Grinders, 10 Slap 5 Merkins, 16 Lunges
Tammy Wynette (partner dips and squats to 60, swapping at 10)

Mosey to the field on the other side of the walking bridge
Drunken Spartan:
50% sprint across half the field then 5 bodybuilders OYO
Bernie Sanders to the path opposite the bridge then 5 Dr Ws OYO
50% sprint across whole field then 5 more bodybuilders OYO
Bernie Sanders back to starting point for 5 more Dr Ws OYO
Hold Al Gore taking a dump (deep) until everyone finishes

Mosey to back to parking lot for COT and BOM


The theme du jour: Slow is smooth; smooth is fast.
You can’t do something fast (i.e. efficiently) until you can do it right. And you can’t do it right unless you do it slowly (i.e. carefully; mindfully, etc). Keep good form during workouts. Work efficiently in other areas of your life to maximize your time and effort. After all, “working long hours is cheating”. -Gary Keller


Everyone was jealous of the Q’s footwear, especially Vila.
An appropriate amount of hell was given, Sidekick.
The count’s ears should have been burning as form was emphasized though not enforced to his standards.
As always, remember to keep your knees behind your legs.


Keep Lexington FiA family in your hearts; a member was killed during a workout.
No Q on Christmas day.
Several pregnancies and newborns to keep in mind.