About Time…

QIC: Dirk

Date: 09/13/2019

PAX: Wallflower, Roadhouse, Sunburn, Iron Butt, Vsquared, Uncle Fester, Skitch, Hanson, FNG-GoCart

AO: Boneyard


Hot & Muggy & Dark


Fwd Fold x 8 IC

SSH x 20 IC

L over R x 5 IC

R over L x 5 IC

Arm Circles x 10 IC

Reverse Arm Circles x 10 IC

Slow Merkins x 15 IC

Slow Squats x 15 IC

The Thang

Diamond Sevens

Mosey to baseball field (w/ high steps & butt kickers):

Round 1: 8-Ct Bodybuilders x 7 at each base (28 total)

Round 2: Jump Lunges x 14 @ each base

Round 3: Merkins x 21 @ each base

Round 4: LBC’s x 28 @ each base

Mosey to raised garden (w/ Box Jumps, Lunges, Reverse Lunges along the way): Circle of Dips to 4 reps

Mosey to wall: Wall Sit w/ OHP x 15 IC, Arm Circles x 15 IC, Bus Drivers x 15 IC

Circle of Mary


Identity Crisis…

Idolatry (about which we are warned in the first commandment) is defined as looking to some created thing to give you what only God can (Martin Luther) or loving/serving/deriving meaning from anything other than God (Tim Keller). Personally, I’ve made idols of experiences/adventures, perfectionism, and comfort (stress-avoidance), among other things. These idols have made me prideful, critical, kept me from taking risks, and tainted my interactions with others.

Our idols are often rooted in deeper identity issues. We tell ourselves that we are, at our core, something other than simply beloved children of God. Defending something as precious as our identity can be the root of all kinds of bad behavior whenever we feel threatened by our circumstances. We surround ourselves with people like us and marginalize the others, just to make our false identities feel secure. We deceive or exaggerate to keep a certain reputation alive. We let our priorities get way out of balance by putting too much focus on those character traits we perceive to be most important.

I hope we will continually examine ourselves, praying that God will reveal and begin to diminish our idols, and that a relationship with Him will take their place and begin to reinforce our true identity as his beloved sons. This is an identity in which we can find rest, hope, and incredible freedom.


Iron butt and Roadhouse may have completed this workout naked for their upcoming “Sixty and Sexy” calendar.


It’s all old news by now!

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