Dad’s Day – August 2019

QIC: threeskin

Date: 08/10/2019

PAX: Sidekick, Deer Jack, Magnum, Fissure, Milkman, Geek Squad, Topless, Truck Yeah, Hobo, Skitch, Sunshine, Iron Butt, Venus, Prosciutto, Free Candy, Dirty Laundry, Free Time, Loan Shark, V Squared, Radio Head, Back Pew, Red Tees, Duck Tails, FNG-Goose Whack, Chief, WuzntMe, Whittler

AO: Landfill


It was raining kiddos…


Biggest warm-up at the land fill thus far.  It was one for the “ages.”
It featured SSHs and Slip and Slides

The Thang

Lets maximize the slip and slide.
Marshmallow Castle Race

Time for a water balloon toss.

And of course the donut toss comes next

More Slip and Slide


Iron Butt brought it home by sharing the love. 


How in the world are we going to top this next time!

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