Hey Kids, We Found Mt Hacksaw

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 7/12/2019

PAX: Madoff, POS, Threeskin, Oiler, Escobar, FNG-BMX (2.0), Bernie, Fastlane, FNG-J-Wow, Lutefisk, Toe Tag, John Doe, FNG-Flatline, Sparky (Respect), Clothespin, Sidekick, Home Alone, Gaylord, MaYhem (respect), DNF, Annie

AO: Hacksaw


Hot. Muggy. Standard July.


Mosey from the parking lot, down to the Big Flag, under Apison Pike. Circle up at Sheriff’s Lot.

SSH x20
Merkins x10 IC
SSH x20
Forward Fold
Right over Left
Left over Right
Willie Mays Hays x10
SSH x20
LBAC x20
Burpees x5 OYO

The Thang

Mt Hacksaw

We mosey back under the road and through the woods to the softball (?maybe?) complex. 
Base station is control freak merkins. Each stage up the road is a new exercise, then we run back to the base station, and begin again. After each round, we add a new exercise, and return to base. Think suicides, but adding an exercise at each stop. Cadence passed off to a new member of the PAX for each item. 

Control Freak Merkins x5 (YHC)
Flutter Kicks x5 (Sidekick)
Dips x 5 (MaYhem)
Shoulder Taps x 5 (John Doe)
Parker Peters x5 (Threeskin)
Freddy Mercuries x5 (Escobar)
Slow squats x5 (DNF)
Mountain Climbers x5 (YHC)

Just enough time to mosey back to the parking lot. Time.


CIRCLE OF TRUST:  I’ve been awful this week. I didn’t get up on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday. I’ve had a rough week with a new job, and my natural state is to retreat and avoid people. But the brotherhood is real, and wouldn’t let me do that. Three different people reached out to me to find out where I was, and get me back in the swing of things. You get out of F3 what you put into it. I’m grateful for the accountability. 
BALL OF MAN: MaYhem led us out.


The pavement at Mt Hacksaw sucks, and is like trying to do merkins on chewed bubblegum. Sidekick made sure to make his displeasure known.

We have some new Qs coming on line, and in short order. There was a method to the madness of passing cadence. Sometimes that means cadence is a little rocky. It’s cool. We all have to learn somehow.

Humidity was like working through a cloud. Everyone was soaked. 

J-Wow was named because his name is Jay and he’s from New Jersey.
Flatline was so named because he was brought by John Doe, obvs.
BMX is Bernie’s 2.0. Impressive to drag a gradeschooler out of bed before 10 during the summer.


Fallen Five convergence 7/13. 

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