Herniated Beatdown

QIC:  Fissure
Date: 09/12/2018
PAX: Best in Show (Respect), Whittler, Sidekick, Fast Lane, Peanuts, FNG-Jabooti (Andrew Stephenson)
AO: Beast Ridge



The Disclaimer

This is F3.  I’m not a professional.  Push yourself don’t hurt yourself.  I have a hernia.


Mosey to a distant light pole on the way to Bass Pro
SSH x 36, Imperial Walkers x 15, SSH x ? until FNG asked where the closest toilet was located
Mosey to closest toilet.  Jabooti performed toilet crunches x 5 minutes while we performed shoulder exercises.  All x 20 IC – arm circles forward then reverse, chinooks, overhead press, cherry pickers, arm planks
Mosey to pavillion by parking lot and regular mosey, high knee mosey, low knee mosey then regular mosey again down and back roughly 15 parking spaces

The Thang

Hernia 1, 2, 3

Just like a Dora but using only hernia friendly movements

Partner 1 bear crawls 30 feet to my hat and back while partner 2 started their 100 merkin reps
Bear crawls were modified to lunges and finally a longer mosey while partners cycled through 200 Carolina Drydocks then 300 dips
5 MOM – crunches, flutter kicks then Boat/Canoe


I went down the rabbit hole of 9/11 stories and videos last night after Lace’s Out’s Q at Hill City and a long day at work.  A quick way to remember how blessed we are is to read the transcript from this series of phone calls from Tom Burnett on Flight 93 to his wife.


FNG Andrew Stephenson graced us with his presence today and quickly made an impression after 36 side straddle hops in cadence.  He needed a bathroom and he needed it badly.  YHC decided it best to have the group follow him so he didn’t get lost when he was finished.  Ideas for his name were Smoke Stack, Toto and other solid options.  We opted for a modified version of Djibouti (a country Andrew spent a good bit of time in during his years in the military).  So, we give you Jabooti!
Also, yes, I have a hernia.  I’ve had this thing for a month now and plan to have it repaired soon.


Training Day with Nashville – October 13th @ The Landfill