Pain buffet

QIC: Ducktales

Date: 10/15/2019

PAX: Gusher, Whittler, Prosciutto, Burrito, Blindside, Money Ball, Laces Out, FNG-Kickback

AO: Smackdown


52 when the alarm went off, I am creating my own what to where at what temp chart and 52 to 42 is shorts with light base layer shirt.

The appetizer

SSHs (20x), IWs (20x), Parker Peters (15x), Squats (15x), WMs (15x), Box Cutters (20x), Willy Mays hays (5x)

The Buffet Of Pain included the following exercises.

First plate


• Jumping Lunges (Double)

• Big Boy Sit Ups

• Wide Arm Merkins

• Jumping Squats

• Burpees

• American Hammers (Double)


Second serving

• Carolina Dry Docks

• Donkey Kicks

• Flutter Kicks (Double)

• Dips

• Diamond Merkins

• 100 Yard Dash

Still room for more from the buffet


Thought that would be enough, and got thrown off on end time, so added wall sits

Mohomid ali IC

Joe Feaster IC

Bus drivers IC

Overhead press


Bear crawl


Reverse crabwalk

Burrito mentioned wheelbarrow partner exercises helped him to be world champion of 8th grade wrestling, sooo we partnered up and got better.

Partner fireman’s carry

Partner wheelbarrow

Buffet dessert-better than a chocolate fountain.

Inspired by she shed bleachers rounder.

5 burpees box jump up row

5 sit ups box jump up

5 pushups box jump up

5 crunches step down and

repeat 5 times, shortened to 4 when I realized that the mtn folk end the pain fest at 06:15


This post was modified but the COT was straight from a Q from the fort. Thank you Deacon

Moleskin: We are constantly feeling good and bad pressures during our journey of life. Life has valleys and peaks with both bad and good experiences. Life is also like a train on parallel tracks, we continually find ourselves between the good track and the bad track. When things go well in life, we are soon challenged with a tragedy or a loss. Remain steadfast. Be aware of when you become unbalanced toward the bad track where evil one awaits. Choose God and move forward.

PS This came back up at dinner from my son and that reminded my Wife about her bible study this morning. Probably the best dinner conversation I had today.


Lions den tomorrow

Saturday Dadurday at landfill!

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