The Legs Feed The Wolf at Hill City

QIC: Lutefisk

Date: 08/29/2019

PAX: Uncle Fester, Goose, Blindside, Laces Out, Sherlock, Peanuts, Skitch, Jazzy Jag, FNG-Lumberjack, Vila, Callahan, Chief, Money Ball, Roadhouse, IronButt, Early Bird, Ringwald, Candu, Sunburn, FNG-Dora, Prosciutto, Mallard, Sunshine, Pebbles, Curfew, Kiffin

AO: Hill City


Gloomy, temperature was just about perfect, got soaked by the man made rain from the sprinklers over in Renaissance Park. Couldn’t have asked for better conditions for my VQ.


  • Disclaimer given (1 FNG… one added mid-workout!)
  • Mosey to under vet bridge
  • warm up
    • SSH 25
    • Merkin 15
    • Air Drama (squats)
    • Batwings (20 forward big circles/20 backwards big circles/20seal claps/20 overhead seal claps)
    • El Capitán (lunge)
    • Moroccan Night Club
    • burpees

The Thang

The Legs Feed The Wolf

  • Mosey to renaissance park
  • Pair work on hill
    • Consequence- 5 burpees per drop for your partner.
    • 3 laps running – partner hold plank.
    • 1 lap lunges – partner in al gore
    • 1 lap burpees with jumps- partner in plank
    • 2 laps running – partner in al gore
    • 1 lap bunny hop – partner in plank
    • 1 lap bear crawl – partner in al gore
    • 1 lap bernie- partner in plank
  • Mosey back


Nameorama completed. FNGs named. COT and then prayer requests and prayer.

COT focused on the need for us to stop trying to be good men and to strive to be good at being a man. The different is stark. We so often define someone as a good man for the things they don’t do: pornography, heavy drinking, language, etc. But this is merely an image of a passive individual moving through space and time. Being good at being a man means being defined by what you do. It means intentionally pursuing our wives, actively pouring into and discipling/leading our children, and consistently looking for ways in which we can serve our community and stand up and support those who cannot do so themselves. 

The workout was meant to remind us of the fact that when we lower the expectations for ourselves, when we take the easy route, when we choose momentary pleasure over, we are not the ones who suffer but those who are dependent upon us. It is not going to get any easier, but the rewards is worth it. 

If you are a father, I highly recommend you check out the following podcast:

Podcast Referenced: The Fathers Collective 

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The Primal Path


I mentioned this above already, but a highlight was definitely getting “rained” on by the sprinklers. It added a nice touch to the collective suffering and doubled as a shower for some of our PAX who needed one. Another highlight was grabbing an FNG who was running by (not sure which PAX did so). Hopefully he’ll get plugged in up in Chicago!


Ringwald took the lead with announcements.

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