Fly-By Presidential Workout

QIC:  Fly-By

Date: 02/15/2020

PAX: FNG-Dinghy, FNG-Ole Mess, Chum, Nemo, Rocket Man, Back Pew, Skitch, Iron Butt (Respect x2), Pink Panther (Respect), Geek Squad, Moneyball, Vsquared, Prosciutto, Fissure, Candu

AO: Landfill


25 degrees and clear (beautiful sunrise)


One minute deep squat, 20 leg swings, Abe Vigodas, SSH, little baby arm circles, Moroccon night clubs, 20 merkins, Imperial Walkers, LBCs, Freddie Mercuries

The Thang

Native American Presidential Run: “Indian Sprints” for approximately half mile. Each sprinter was required to yell out the name of a U.S. President.

Fight Gone Bad with Presidential Trivia. One minute max on merkins, sit ups, push press (with rock), squat, and step ups followed by one minute rest. Three rounds. Presidential trivia during the one-minute break between the three rounds.

Thomas Jefferson 10: 10 merkins followed by ascending a hill (10 rounds). Hill ascent consisted of 3 sprints, 3 Bernie Sanders, 3 bear crawls, and 1 lunge. At the top of each ascent, we shared one of Thomas Jefferson’s 10 rules of life.


We welcomed two FNG’s: Dinghy and Ole Mess, and recognized several prayer requests.


We learned many fun facts about Presidents while fighting off the wolves. Friendly puppies Ally and Ellie had big fun two.


Remember the Muff workout next week.

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