Training Day

QIC:  Princess Aurora
Date: 10/13/2018
PAX: Abscess, Best In Show (Respect), Candu, Care Bear, Cherry Log, FNG-Code Brown, FNG-Cowbell, Doodles, Fast Lane, Fissure, Geek Squad, FNG-Gisele, Goose, FNG-High Tops, Laces Out (Respect), Magellan, Odd Job, FNG-Outcast, Peanuts, Picasso, Prosciutto, Radiohead, Ringwald, Rug Doctor (Respect), Secret Sauce, FNG-Straight Jacket, Sundance, Sunshine, Threeskin, Venus, VSquared, FNG-Yukon Cornelius
AO: The Landfill


On the chillier side of perfect but still perfect

The Disclaimer

Delivered in full

A couple months back, Fissure proposed that YHC come guest Q in the Scenic City. I told him to take a number, and well, today his number was finally called. The result? 33 PAX posted at The Landfill today to learn that the sh*t’s chess; it ain’t checkers!

Following a brief introduction and disclaimer, we took off on a long mosey down the lighted path, throwing in some lateral shuffling, backpedaling, and lunging for good measure as we made our way to the lower lot.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Slow N Low Squats x 15 IC
  • WMH x 11 IC
  • Good Mornings w/ LBAC (F) x 15 IC
  • LBAC (R) x 10 IC
  • Overhead Clap x 10 IC
  • Overhead Press x 15 IC
  • Seal Clap x 13 IC
  • Merkin x 7 IC

The Thang

Mosey up the road to middle lot and gather the PAX into groups of three for a little form critique. P1 serves as judge and holds People’s Chair while P2 performs max Merkins (chest to ground and full arm extension at top) with proper form and P3 performs max Squats with proper form (thighs parallel and full hip extension at top). When Merkin form is lost, PAX rotate.
Mosey up to the grass by the playground and gather PAX back into their threesomes. Sometimes it’s a little too easy to slack off, especially in larger workouts. Well, that was not going to happen here. P1 holds People’s Chair with arms overhead while P2 performs 100 SSH and P3 performs 50 4-ct Flutter Kicks. To ensure that People’s Chair doesn’t turn into a People’s Barstool, P1 is incentivized to hold correct position lest he add 25 reps to his teammates’ rep counts each time he comes out of it. To my knowledge, no reps were added for anybody. That’s effort!
Everybody grab a rock and circle up for a Block Webb. With hands on coupon, PAX perform one merkin on Q’s command of “down” followed by 2 shoulder presses with coupon. 1:2 ratio is maintained as the PAX make their way up to 6 Merkins and back down. Only hitch is that surprise last round of 6 again. Sorry, I must’ve lost count.
Keeping the coupons, the PAX put in some more work, 10 reps each, all IC:

  • Kang Squats holding rock to chest
  • Low Plank alternating rock taps with rocks in front
  • Side-to-side leg raises over the rock

Power and Stamina
Having rid ourselves of the rocks, the PAX took a short little mosey over to the hill leading up to the soccer field. Back in our threesomes, P1 Bernie Sanders up the hill x 2, P2 performs Merkin-Clerkin AMRAP, and P3 performs Squat-Jump Squat AMRAP. Rotate through until each PAX has gone up the hill. Reverse plank for the six. All in and all PAX together Bernie Sanders up the hill.
Speed and Agility
Up by the soccer goal, YHC set up three sets of cones for a little agility work. Each group formed a line behind the starting point, and while P1 runs through the drill, the rest of the line performs SSH. Once P1 begins Burpees at last cone, next man starts the drill. After all have gone, RnR with Squats while waiting.

  • 5 yards forward
  • 5 yards left
  • 5 yards forward
  • 5 yards right
  • 10 yards
  • 3 Burpees
  • Sprint back to start

*Numbers are approximate as these were walked out in the dark, but rest assured that the work was still done.
Had to introduce the guys to a little something devised by the PAX of F3 Nashville’s Bomber AO: the Dixie Stampede! With everybody in line and on their six, all PAX start alternate holding feet 6″ and 18″. PAX perform Hello Dollies IC, and switch feet level on Q’s call.  Rep count was 10-10-5-5. Sexy count was 1000. Wrapped it up with:

  • Boxcutters x 10 IC
  • Cutterboxes? x 10 IC
  • LBCs x 13 IC




Not only did I get to experience my first F3 Chattanooga workout this morning, but I got to Q it, and at a fine AO I might add. Guys were giving it their all, some of it even coming from their insides, and I was very grateful to witness the camaraderie so very present amongst the PAX. Having been involved with F3 for 4 years now, it’s truly awesome to see the impact it’s having on men near and dear to me as well as those I’ve never even met.
As I said in the COT, every one of you has what it takes to be a leader; you just have to get out of your own way and do the hard things. Whether it’s waking up at the crack of dawn to go have your ass kicked, taking a stab at something new even though you’re nervous or don’t have all the answers, or putting aside your own comfort and pride to serve those in need, it’s all progress. It’s movement toward advantage, what we F3ers call “acceleration.”
My hope is that we each continue to accelerate in all aspects of our lives — family, friendships, fitness, work, church, service, and beyond — and that as we’re doing so, we’re picking up the folks we meet along the way. That’s leadership.
PA out.


Cleveland Launch/2 Year Anniversary – 11.17.18 in Cleveland @ Greenway Pavillion

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