9/11 – Remember and Refresh as necessary – 9/11/19

QIC: Mayhem

Date: 09/11/2019

PAX: Moondance, Peanuts, Toetag, Bernie, Fastlane, Paperboy, Gaylord, Wuzntme, Escobar,  FNG-Palin

AO: Hacksaw


Cool but still a bit humid for 5:30am in September.  Heavy emotion for YHC

Welcome and disclaimer

Mosey to flag


Exercises / 11 Reps each

  1. SSH x 11 IC
  2. WMH x 11 IC
  3. Slow Squats x 11 IC
  4. Windmills x 11 IC
  5. Merkins x 11 IC
  6. Seal Claps x 11 IC
  7. Chinooks x 11 IC
  8. Shoulder Press x 11 IC
  9. SSH x 11 IC

Mosey to Commons and back (2001 Meters/1.25mi +)

Break up mosey as follows:

After 1st .25 mile – 11 Imperial Walkers (Honoring Flight 11)

After 2nd .25 mile – 17 Slow Squats and 5 Burpees (Honoring Flight 175)

After 3rd .25 mile – 1 – 7×7 (merkins x plank jacks) (Honoring Flight 77)

After 4th .25 mile – 93 second high plank (Honoring Flight 93)

Finish last .25 miles back at the flags for the Thang

Each HIM grab a coupon from the stack and circle back at Flags

Remind Pax of the events of 9/11/2001 and significance of why we did what we did

The Thang

Flight 11 Tribute – Read timeline of Flight 11 and 9/11 commision report of passenger phone calls

> 11 Manmakers with coupon OYO

Flight 175 Tribute – Read timeline of Flight 175 and 9/11 commision report of passenger phone calls

> Hold 173 sec Incline block plank

Divide into 2-man pax

Flight 77 Tribute – Read timeline of Flight 77 and 9/11 commision report of passenger phone calls

Dora with 2 man pax – 77 Goblet Squats

> HIM 1 – Goblet Squats with Coupon

> HIM 2 – Mosey around flags

Flight 93 Tribute – Read timeline of Flight 93 and 9/11 commision report of passenger phone calls.  Todd Beamer – “Let’s Roll” as passengers stormed the cockpit.

As time is expiring – Entire PAX Jail Break around flags and back to center.


Shared personal story of my 9/11 experience as a native NY-er and fathers comments to me as he saw the towers fall.  WWII Navy Vet – “Nicky, I fought overseas so this would never happen on our shores” :(( What can happen when we become complacent and take our eyes off of the blessings of Liberty?  Judges 2&3 “There arose a generation who knew not God or warfare…”  Shared quote  “The roots of the tree of Liberty must from time to time be refreshed by the blood of tyrants and patriots”  Every generation has responsibility to defend Liberty and preserve for posterity.  Never Forget!!! 

Countorama – 11 on 9/11 :))

Nameorama – Welcome FNG Palin!

Completely neglected BOM caught up in the emotion of the moment – posted prayer later in Slack Channel.


As difficult as it was for me, felt divinely appointed to be on Q this morn.  Still pretty raw …and guess that’s okay.


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