A Thankful Co-Q Anniversary

QIC: Co-Q (Iron Butt & Skitch)

Date: 11/28/2019

PAX:  Lady Scot, Hobo, FNG-Peekaboo, Care Bear, Sunburn, Pink Panther, Katrina, Training Wheels, Whittler, Burrito, Lanyard, FNG-Root Canal, Woodchuck, Early Bird, Lord Lindsay, Jazzy Jag, Cowbell, Gru, Back Pew, Swingset, Snow White, Ringwald, Hansen, Sherlock, Moneyball, Vaccine, Venus, Deep Dish, Lutefisk, Sunshine, Bullpen, Pebbles, Iron Butt, Skitch

AO: Hill City


Thankfully not raining.


IB welcomes PAX, gives disclaimer, and leads 1st warmup in parking lot – SSHs + about 5 stretching exercises – to allow time for stragglers and holiday visitors.

Mosey to Great Hall. Skitch leads 2nd warmup in Great Hall – about 5 warmup exercises including SSHs, wallsits, wallsits + shoulder press.

The Thang

Climb steep hill next to Great Hall leading up to Market Street Bridge and help each other over railing/wall onto Bridge which begins the Path of Thankfulness.

Skitch says in honor of first Thanksgiving Indians, we will do Indian run mosey across bridge until wooden section. Thankful for their kindness to the Pilgrims.

IB says in thankfulness for Pilgrim’s faith and courage, we will lunge across the wood portion of the Bridge.

IB says in thankfulness for the freedoms we have in this country, easy group Mosey together across the remainder of the Bridge.

We walk down the Passage steps to the railings and Skitch explains the Trail of Tears Passage and that we are thankful for forgiveness and grace, and that we don’t have to pay for our sins or the sins of our forefathers. Lead PAX in 5 incline pullups at each railing level, while others do wall sits in the Passage while waiting for their turn.

Mosey over to base of Ross’ Landing steps and IB says thankful for resources and provision from God: 10 burpees OYO facing toward the Tennessee River.

Skitch says thankful for city of Chattanooga. Box jump up Ross’ Landing steps with 10 Merkins or 10 dips at each level going up OYO.

Mosey along street toward Walking Bridge, Riverwalk, and then underneath Walking Bridge to the base of the zig-zag path below Hunter’s Museum. Hold Al Gore until 6 in.

Skitch instructs PAX to form a line and then OYO alternate up the zig-zag path: Zig (lunge) & Zag (bear crawl) while silently thinking about the people and growth in their lives that they are thankful for from this past year. Once complete, walk up together to the metal bridge.

PAX get into groups of 5 (or 4, as needed) and take turns carrying each other across Bridge. The PAX being carried verbally shares about 1 or more person and/or growth he is thankful for from the past year. Once done sharing and once said PAX is carried at least 30 to 45 seconds, switch to carrying new PAX. Continue in such thankful/sharing/carrying pattern until all have shared, then mosey across the remainder of the bridge.

Any groups that finish bridge before others, go back and mosey alongside groups finishing up. Mosey to start in parking lot. Time.


The Word was given throughout the workout in lieu of 10-counts, all centered on thankfulness. Final closing thought is that thankfulness components include: (1) something good has happened to you (2) you acknowledge the good (3) you acknowledge that you are not the source of the good & (4) you acknowledge you don’t deserve the good. Encouraged PAX to practice these components of thanks throughout the day and year.

CIRCLE OF TRUST: Ringwald announced that he is passing the AOQ Hill City baton to Skitch starting the first of the year. Ringwald has grown and encouraged and nourished Hill City PAX faithfully and is entering new season of leadership in his home with the arrival of firstborn in February. Ringwald will continue to serve and post in Hill City and across F3 Chattanooga region. Thankful for Ringwald’s faithful service. Skitch is looking forward to serving Hill City PAX in new role.
BALL OF MAN: Prayer.


We covered a lot of ground and burned nearly 34,000 calories as a group prior to Thanksgiving dinner. Burrito is addicted to F3 and completed 9th post in a row. Over 10% of the 34 PAX belonged to the Skitch & Hobo clan. Skitch and Iron Butt’s one year anniversary with F3. Thankful.



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