Bass Ackwards Burn Out

QIC: Escobar

Date: 11/08/2019

PAX: ToeTag, FNG-Walkoff, Vaccine, Fissure, FNG-Peep Show, Walla Walla, Angel Hair, Peanuts, Threeskin, Mayberry, Sidekick, 9 Volt (R), Deep Dish, WuzntMe, FNG-Chavez, Money Ball, Bernie, John Doe, Mayhem, FastLane

AO: Hacksaw


Cold with enough wind to have Old Glory flying high. And it got colder.


Disclaimer Done. Took a mosey to the flag and made 2 circles around.

SSH x 30

LBAC x 10 forward and 10 reverse.

The Thang

11 Stations: Burpees, Coupon Swings, Coupon Curls, Bonnie Blair or Reverse Lunge, Peter Parker (meant to say perform on elbows), Aquamans, Coupon Goblet Squats, Crunchy Frog/Hammer combo 20 reps each and repeat, Incline Merkin, Coupon Alternating Foot Taps, Reverse Crunch.

90 seconds at each station to perform as many reps as possible with a lap around flag performed between stations. After 90 seconds, ran 1 complete lap around flag, stopped at the next station, and waited for whistle to start the next station.

Finished with:

Honeycutt stretch L/R x 10 each


Little Tea Pots x 14

Forward Fold x 10


Workout was inspired by the thought of us men burning out at times. We need to push ourselves so we can better understand where we burn out individually. Once we reach that point, it’s time to ask for help. Hearing about a local Marine committing suicide and leaving a family behind is something we need to do our best to prevent. Gave each PAX member a paper with my cell phone number and the suicide prevention hotline number if they ever feel the need for help.


My favorite twitter follow lately has been @LittleDebbie.

Their tweet on 10/16/19: “You can’t GIVE if you’re on EMPTY. Take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others.”

Plus, Christmas Tree cakes have arrived in stores!


Wasn’t really listening as I was handing out the paper with my contact info, but I’m sure they said something about something and something about convergence on 11/16 (surely they did).

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