B.O.S. – Bombs Over Smackdown

QIC:  Recycle

Date: 05/21/2020

PAX: Burrito, Prosciutto, Oil Can, Lady Gaga, Pediasure, Money Ball, Blindside, Gusher, Hambone, Afterbirth, Booger, Red Raider, John Doe, Dundee, Nordictrack, Gusher, Laces Out (RESPECT), Pomade, Ashley Madison, FNG-Pound Dog

AO: Smackdown


54 degrees, cloudy, grass still wet from previous day’s rain


1 lap mosey
Reverse x10

The Thang

Bombs Over Smackdown

PAX partner up in pairs (no touching!)

B – Burpees x 100
O – Overhead Claps x 150
M – Merkins x 200
B – Big Boy Situps x 250
S – Squats x 300

All PAX start on home sideline. 1 PAX does reps, 1 PAX moseys to visitor sideline and back, flapjack, continue until total is reached. If PAX finish before others, jump in with a different group so all PAX finish together.

Cool down:


All PAX hold high plank while listening to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. Every time PAX hear the word thunder, do a merkin.


I started posting with F3 to help me manage my post traumatic stress and I have been blessed with the support I have received over the last two and a half months. It has been a godsend for my mental health as well as my physical well being. I did not realize how much I missed suffering together with men since I left the Marine Corps!

This Memorial Day I will be remembering Willie Furmon. Willie lost his battle with his demons 93 days ago and it was the loss of him that really pushed me to take the plunge and start posting with F3. Willie was a near perfect model Marine who was loved and respected by everyone who served with him. I was privileged to lead him as a section chief and platoon sergeant and I loved him like a little brother.


Take a guess at how many side straddle hops we ended our warmup with. Burrito lost count but continued counting….loudly! 15? 18? 26? I have no idea, but neither does Burrito!

Playlist: Outkast, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains

Laces Out’s daughter is getting married this weekend! She is marrying an Army soldier, but we won’t hold that against her. Congratulations Laces Out and family!

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