Bulgarian Bliss – lil of that & a lil of this

QIC: Candu
Date: 01/12/2019
PAX: Cowbell, Venus, Threeskin, Jingle Vader (Respect), Uncle Fester, Prosciutto, Fabio, Fly-By (Respect), Steam Engine, Back Pew, Ohms, Picasso, Mr. Clean, Ringwald, Sidekick, Milkman, Geek Squad
AO: The Landfill
FNG Jrs- Robin Hood & Nature Boy

Conditions – chilly

The Disclaimer: Disclaimed


Good Morning Sunshine x 10 IC
Willie Mays Hays x 10 IC
Abe Vigoda (slow windmill) x 10 IC
Nick Saban (slow bend over touch your toes) x 16 IC
Ass Kickers x 44 IC
Imperial Walker x 10 IC
SSH x 15 IC
One Legged Bulgarians x 10 each leg OYO
Squat x 15 IC
SSH x 15 IC
Lunge x 16 IC
SSH x 15 IC
Slow Merkins x 10 IC
Shoulder Taps x 15 IC
SSH x 15 IC
Burpees x 10 OYO

The Thang – Bulgarian Bliss with a lil bit of that & a lil bit of this

Lower Body Burner
Mosey down over to the rocks – everyone gets a good sized rock
Overhead carry back up the hill
One legged Balance Halos x 10 IC (rotate direction), swap legs x 10 IC (rotate direction)
Plank Pulls x 10 OYO
Squat Reaches x 15 IC
One legged Bulgarians w/ rock x 10 each leg OYO
Goblet Squats x 10? IC
Mosey down hill
Upper Body Burner
Pull Ups to failure, then partner assisted x 3
Chin Ups to failure, then partner assisted x 3
Spilt lunges on bench x 10 IC
Tricep Dips x 10 IC
Deeeep split lunges on bench x 5 IC
Tricep Dips x 10 IC
Mosey back up the hill
Reverse Burpees x 10 OYO
Tricep Extensions w/ rock x 15 IC
Bicep Curls w/ rock x 15 IC
Shoulder Press x 15 IC
Spilt leg lunge Figure 8s x 10 ICish each leg
Squatting shoulder press x 10 IC
Freddie Mercury x 16 IC
Big Boy Situps x 10 OYO
Wheel of Merkin x 3


Humbled and blessed to be Qing my 1 year anniversary. While I was able to keep my F3 routine alive, I dropped my morning devotional Jesus is Calling during the move. Opened up again for the first time last night.
This morning’s devotional talks about letting God prepare you for the day ahead. I’m at my best when I’m spending time with Him every morning. I give my best to others when I’ve spent time with Him in the morning.
Find the morning ritual that brings out your best and stick to it.


The Bulgarian breathing was on point for the second half of the workout


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