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QIC:  WuzntMe, MoneyBall

Date: 01/01/2020

PAX: Skitch, Mrs. Baker, 9 Volt, Hasbro, U-turn, Sunburn, Toe Tag, Threeskin, El Chapo, Doodles, Vsquared, Bernie, Otis, Hector, Milkman, Proscuitto, Blindside, Peanuts, Best in Show, Ironbutt, Uncle Fester, Backpew, FNG – Roomba, Icy Hot, Pomade, Peebles, Clothespin, Escobar, Fissure, Radiohead, Jabooti, Friar Tuck, Rollback

AO: Lions Den


Cold and clear


MoneyBall led us on a tour of the Den, complete with burpees at each station

The Thang

7s on the Bleachers:
Dips at the bottom, Dive bombers on the top. Hold plank once flipped.

Battle of the Five Points
Count off by five
Five stations in the middle of the field – four cones, and one at the bench.
Group five runs a lap around the track, while the other groups perform the exercises written at the cones. Exercises were written in different numbers, and split between IC and OYO.

Group 1:
Carolina Dry Docks
Diamond Merkins
Mtn Climbers

Group 2:
American Hammers
Plank leg lifts

Group 3
Bonnie Blairs
Wide Merkins
Hello Dollys
Plank Jacks

Group 4
High Knees
Military Presses
Diamond Merkins
Freddie Mercurys
Shoulder Taps

Once group 5 returns, everyone circles and does 5 burpees, then rotates to the next station. Repeat until all five revolutions have been made

Bear Crawl Boilermaker
line up in groups in single file line at the goal line. Last man bear crawls to the front. Repeat relay until time.


Resolutions are weak. Commitments mean something, and can be measured, and have accountability. YHC proclaimed his commitment, and asked for accountability. Others shared theirs.

Blindside led us out.


WDEF was there to film…


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