Pick-Hell Ball Hurricane Mayhem

QIC: Mayhem

Date: 07/26/2019

PAX: Freetime, Can man, Bubbles, Gaylord, Focker, Bernie, Anny, Clothespin, Peanuts, Flash, Moneyball, Iron Butt, Madoff, Wuzntme, John Doe, Toe Tag, 9-volt, Sidekick, Rollback, Threeskin, Fastlane, FNG-Mr. Belding, FNG-Roundup, FNG-Mallard, FNG-PETA, FNG-Debit

AO: Hacksaw


Crisp and Clear 63 with a hint of anticipation in the air.  We created our own humidity


Mosey from parking lot to monument flag.

Explain significance of Hacksaw’s “Just One More” cadence

SSH ICX21; ; 3rd Grade Exercises ICX11; LBAC-reverse-Moroccan Night Club-Shoulder Press-Chinooks ICX11 each; Merkins ICX11;  WGS Worlds Greatest Stretch IC11; SSH ICX11; Indian Run with 40lb bag of dog food (post beatdown breakfast)  pass (side to side) to Pickle Ball Courts

The Thang

Pickle Ball Courts – 1min Tabata switching between Exercise and Hurricane Run around the outside of courts x2 each.  Count off by 8s to create 8 mini pax – 1 pax per each half side of PB Court with different exercise in each section:

Burpees; Windmills; Smurf Jacks; Imperial Walkers; Jump Squats; Plank; Apolo Ohnos; Freddie Mercury

Hurricane Run – Mosey on long side runs, Skip Jacks on the East short side, Karaoke on the West short side.  Alternate facing in and out on Skip Jacks and Karaoke.

Indian Run with 40lb bag of dog food (post beatdown breakfast)  pass (overhead) back to flags for Mary and COT

Mary – Aquamans x 21 IC; Pickle Pointers x 11 IC; 1 Leg PPs R/L x11 each IC; American Hammers x21 IC; Merkins x11 IC


Countarama – 27 Strong!; Namorama

Word of the day…”Profit”

Difference of Profit vs. Revenue or Income

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses own soul?

Be careful…enemy of the best is the good.  Don’t spend life climbing the ladder of success to find it leaning against the wrong wall.  Don’t be the fittest guy in F3 Nation with family falling apart.  Okay to make half-time adjustments.


Prayers of thanks for great weather, fellowship, injury free and the Spirit to be “Profitable” men.


Good mumble chatter and excitement, lots of smiles despite the beatdown.  Multiple comments that it went fast and was enjoyable.  Not sure how I feel about that. Great support from F3Nation and Sr Qs for VQ.  #Hacksaw rising.


Announced  Aug 10 2.0 Event

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