Farmers never had to work this hard

QIC: Jazzy Jag

Date: 11/27/2019

PAX: 9-Volt (R), Vaccine, Swipe Right, Bernie, Threeskin, Clothespin, CavitySearch, FNG-Miranda, WuzntMe, FNG-ShipLap, Toe Tag

AO: Hacksaw


Water was only 5-6″ deep in parking lot due to rain


PAX had a healthy warmup of complaining about rain before COP started

SSH x 41(!) IC

Frogger across street to other parking lot

Squat x 10 IC

LBAC x 15 IC

Reverse x 15 IC

Moroccan night club x 15 IC

Overhead press x 15 IC

Boat/canoe x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to the bottom of Holy Hill, then back to pavilion area

The Thang

PAX grabbed 2 cap blocks from large stack by pavilion, brought them to Christmas light path
Farmer’s carry with fun stops
4 posts spread ~10 meters apart

Post 1: 10 manmakers

Post 2: 15 tricep extensions

Post 3: 20 overhead squats

Post 4: Plank for the 6

Farmer’s carry blocks from one post to the next

Other side of pavilion- 4 more posts

Post 1: 10 face-smashers (lay down, blocks held overhead, lift to directly above your face)

Post 2: 15 kettlebell swings

Post 3: 20 curls

Post 4: Plank for the 6

Repeat 2 more times, for 3 total circuits

PAX returned blocks to the pile, then moseyed back to parking lot



Q discussed busyness and rest, and how we are all so busy all the time. This is not a good or healthy thing. This can be seen especially when you have difficulty resting – your mind goes to what you should be doing, what the next goal is, things you need to get done. We have trouble turning our minds off and truly resting, but this is key for life balance. Q encouraged everyone to find time to get true rest over the holiday, and assess if it made you feel nervous, jittery etc. This could be a sign you need to reorganize/reprioritize your life. Real rest ensures you have extra juice in the tank when you need it – for family, community etc.


Several South Park references were heard, including “back to the pile!” I guess it was because of all the sweaty men breathing hard from exertion.

Pax were very impressed that Fissure’s 40 SSH out of the gate was topped today – 41 is the new number to beat.

Major props to 2 FNGs who came out on a day like this.


Tomorrow – Convergence at Hill City – be there

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