Aye! Aye! Community & Teamwork

QIC: VSquared
Date: 11/22/2018
PAX: Backup (Nomad, Charlotte), Mr. Clean, Care Bear, FNG-Skitch, Free Candy, Ringwald, Sunshine, FNG-Iron Butt (Respect, Respect), Venus
AO: Hill City


Chilly with a chance of sweat.

The Disclaimer

This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to. Do not get hurt. But if you do we will carry you to your car if necessary.



    1. Side Straddle Hop x15 (in cadence)
    1. Flutter Jumps x5 (oyo)
    1. Slow Windmills x10 (in cadence)
    1. Periformas stretch x15 each way (in cadence)
    1. Leg Over stretch x15 each side (in cadence)
    1. Arms Up!
        1. Little Arm Circles forward x10
        1. Little Arm Circles backward x10
      1. Overhead Press x20
  1. Double time Side Straddle Hop x15 (in cadence)

The Thang

Teamwork makes the dream work, and we were made for it.

**Shout out to SpeedBump for some inspiration around this workout!**

      1. Mosey through course, explain as we go.
      1. Form Groups of 4-6 guys.
    1. Course Pieces:
        1. Teammate Carry (Blue path) up the slide hill in a circular fashion, then mosey down to the bench for next person.
        1. Team Run (green path with rope, approx. .25
        1. Indian Push Ups (yellow path) where you do 5 push-ups at the start of the line then hold plank as your teammates jump you. This slow line progression begins at Mount Midoriyama and go to and back from
      1. Crabby Crawl (red path) down the steps and crab crawl back up, backward, and do 5 dips on each step as you go up!

Circle of Mary! (7 min.)


(I paraphrased this AM, but I think the same point came through)

What was Thanksgiving about? It was about gladness surrounding a safe transition and settlement, and it involved community both directly and indirectly. I want to challenge you to do the same!

Though despite our transitions in life not looking like the pilgrims they still contain various levels of trails, and we still need a community to make it through them well.

Many of you have heard my story of brokenness and addiction, which is an example of how not to do the significant transition and what not using community can lead to. But by God’s grace through that same community which I denied and hurt I’m now able to celebrate.

This is my first Thanksgiving in a handful of years sober. And despite most of those years being a dry drunk of sorts and having an acceptably low level of addiction, life without it and in a community is radically different and much more full. Instead of passively coping with my intense emotions I’m leaning how to work through them and benefiting those around me in the process.

As my counselor says, if you survived addiction you can survive recovery. I think that’s what the pilgrims found, too, despite there being other great struggles once they had built the perseverance of the voyage and the first year getting established on a consistent piece of solid ground was a more stable way of life.

They had hope after that and trials can work the same way with us, but even if you make it through certain trails on your own your just paving the path towards an individualism that will eventually kill you or make you incredibly lonely.

So I want to encourage you if your in a time of transition to reach for vertical community and for horizontal community, if you have made it through some of those periods to be glad and celebrate with community, and to be intentional about actively listening to your community so that you can offer it to others who are moving through significant transitions.

Happy Thanksgiving Men!


Two FNGs! Welcome @Skitch and @IronButt, excited to have you join the family! Also a welcome to our Nomad, @Backwards, 

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