The One Where Steam Talks About Q’ing

QIC: Steam Engine

Date: 07/07/2020

PAX: Friar Tuck, Nordictrack, Postman, Blue, Cleaver, Dundee, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Slois Lane, White Lightening, Ducktales

Conditions: Humid with a real feel of 78 degrees

Disclaimer: Not a professional, know your limits, and here on your own free will.


Burpee OYO 1x

Up Straddle Hop IC 12x

(Switch leg) Up Straddle Hop IC 12x

Alternating Toe Taps IC 12x

Windmill IC 12x

Imperial Walker IC 12x

3rd Grade Exercise IC 12x

Squat IC 12x

Q101 Notes

Show up early and be energetic

Set the tone, welcome the PAX, establish your command

Disclaimer: Does have legal significance

Needs to include

I am not a professional

You are participating at your own risk

You are responsible for your own well being

You are here voluntarily and you are not paying to be here

Know your limits and do the best you can

Proper Cadence is:

“The Next Exercise is ___” a clear and concise command

The PAX repeat the exercise name to demonstrate understanding

“Starting Position…Move” Starting Position is the information and Move is the command.

“In Cadence…Exercise” In Cadence is the information and Exercise is the command. 

PAX repeats “In Cadence” to demonstrate understanding. 

“1, 2, 3, “ then the PAX calls rep

Your Cadence must match the called exercise/ body movements

Change your voice inflexion on last rep, which signals to the PAX that we are ending. 

“Recover” at the end of the called exercise. Important command to let everyone know we are finished. 

Dealer’s Choice: each PAX got to call an exercise using the proper cadence

Beer Truck Burpees OYO 10x

The Thang

Stroll to parking lot

End of parking lot to cones (or 5 parking spots)

Exaggerated Skip down and back

Butt Kickers down and back

Karaoke down and back

Forward Lunge down and back

Reverse Lunge down and back

Toy Soldier down and back (Arms stretched out and swing leg forward towards your arms)

T Toy Soldier down and back (Arms extended away from body to make a “T” shape and swing leg towards its respective arm ie swing left leg out to left arm and right leg to right arm. 

Exaggerated Skip down and back 

Next find a parking spot preferably where 4 parking spots intersect. 

4 corners:

Side to Side Hop IC 15x

Front to Back Hop IC 15x

4 corners IC 15x

Criss Cross IC 15x


LBC IC 12x

RBC IC 12x

Pretzel IC 12x

(Switch sides) Pretzel IC 12x

Hello Dolly IC 12x

Rosalita IC 12x

Flutter Kicks IC 12x

Big Boy Situps OYO 12x





More Q notes

Most Important thing: It’s Not About You!

Your #1 Job as a Q is the safety of the PAX

Planning not just the exercise, but the explanations, transitions and your BOM.

Better to have too much than not enough

Utilize a Sweeper to keep eyes on the 6

Have PAX count off for rest times

Think about the weather, amount of day light, size of the PAX, and fitness level of the PAX

Do I need any equipment cones, light sticks, coupons, 

Make sure you can do the exercise “If you can’t do it don’t Q it.”

Always wear a watch. 

Never leave a man behind

COT (Circle of Trust) and BOM (Ball of Man)



Hospital Name, Age, F3 Name

Every man calls out his F3 Name and the PAX repeat it

PAX calls “Respect” for those over 50

FNGs (Friendly New Guy)

Every FNG gets a F3 name at the close of Name-O-Rama


BB should be posted within 24 hours of beatdown

BB are important and you owe it to the PAX

Moleskine: Just want to apologize for getting this BB out late. Got home yesterday to a home without power. Guessing a tree fell down while at work and I didn’t get power until 8:40 PM and was starting to wind down at that time. Also, felt great getting to Q at Huey and glad Ducktales allowed me to sprinkle in some Q 101 knowledge into my beatdown.