Introducing: @F3SPEEDFORNEED / HELPING Kids & GROWING F3Nation

*UPDATED FOR LINKS… Our website is up! Please go to  for all contact and social media information!
CALLING ALL MEN IN F3NATION:  PLEASE take just a few minutes to read about this new and exciting charitable initiative, watch the video link, consider making a donation to fund the charity, and seeing how your region can get involved and IMPACT our communities.

“When I became a part of F3, I gained so much more than just fitness. F3 gave a me community, a place to belong. It has been a tremendous honor to share in bringing others into F3Nation and support them on their journey. I love seeing people bring friends and family into our community – especially fathers bringing sons (and other way around!).
Most of you know my son has Muscular Dystrophy. His condition means he will never run hills, do burpees or participate in an F3 CSAUP event at 5:30AM. But I know that he and kids like him everywhere long to be part of something bigger than themselves. SPEED-FOR-NEED provides that opportunity. Pushing Owen (or anyone) during a race and letting them feel the support from fellow runners and cheering crowds is exactly what F3 is designed to promote – connecting people, having an IMPACT in our community.
My interest in this project is personal. But I know the men of F3 will step up and impact this community which needs our support.” – F3 Nation (Metro) “Nash”

No fancy marketing. Simply put, SPEED-FOR-NEED is about EMPOWERING KIDS WITH DISABILITIES and GROWING F3NATION.  It’s about making our biggest fans, the sideline supporters who may have never set foot on the playing field, the STAR ATHLETE.  It’s about lifting up humankind’s single greatest Earthly asset, OUR CHILDREN, so they can be filled with DIGNITY and PRIDE.  It’s about changing the objective of our race from winning to helping someone else edge us out at the finish line, as we BOTH CELEBRATE VICTORY, every…Single…TIME.  It’s about the men of F3Nation commissioning our hearts into ACTION, and practicing the three words we speak of so often: FITNESS FELLOWSHIP FAITH, and seeing an infectious gravitation by other men to be part of the F3Nation brotherhood as the byproduct.  THIS is what SPEED-FOR-NEED is all about… Will you support us? CLICK TO DONATE

The MISSION of SPEED-FOR-NEED is to empower children with disabilities through participation in fitness events.
We do this by mobilizing High Impact Men (HIM) in F3Nation in responsibly pushing these children in specialized racing chairs to create an experience impossible by themselves due to their limitations. In doing so, SPEED-FOR-NEED exists for the enjoyment of the athlete-rider and their loved ones, to raise awareness and financial support for local charities and partners, and to increase the visibility of F3Nation in our communities for the purpose of invigorating all men, and sparking a call to action.

So, following in the footsteps of Team Hoyt and our partner Ainsley’s Angels of America , the men of F3Nation will be pushing kids with disabilities in racing chairs… really, really FAST ones, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Speaking of racing chairs, after months of planning and hard work, we’ve gone ahead and pre-ordered 2 chairs to get SPEED-FOR-NEED up and running and we hope to be pushing kids at our first race near the end of June.  These chairs are ridiculously cool looking, will be outfitted F3 style, and highly visible at racing events to thousands of people in the community and men who are waiting to be EH’d by YOU.  All of the finer details of SPEED-FOR-NEED, from signing liability waivers, to proper training, to race swag, to safety protocols have been considered and we will elaborate on those in a far more detailed post in the near future.
We need your prayers, marketing, help identifying riders, involvement, and FINANCIAL SUPPORT to accomplish the mission of SPEED-FOR-NEED !  Thanks to several early charitable donations, as well as a generous grant from The F3 Foundation, SPEED-FOR-NEED has got a solid start in fundraising, but we still need your financial support.  Each Team Hoyt Blade 2 Racing Chair (fully equipped and ‘souped up’ F3 style) will cost roughly $5,000 and we are aiming to buy several to serve as many kids as possible.  Be assured 100% of the money raised in this marketing campaign will be used solely by SPEED-FOR-NEED to purchase racing chairs and accessories, fund operations (i.e. rider race entry fees, finisher medals, Mudgear shirts, etc), support the charities SPEED-FOR-NEED supports at each race, and a portion will be going to our non-profit partner Ainsley’s Angels of America to help accomplish their mission.  All donations will flow through Ainsley’s Angels of America and the F3 Foundation and managed by a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and your donation is tax-deductible (you will receive a charitable contribution letter).

  1. We are encouraging F3Nation PAX to donate whatever amount they feel is appropriate, and that has the number “3” in it, symbolic of the three F’s in F3. And while we are trying to raise lots of money for SPEED-FOR-NEED and the many great causes it will support, we are hoping for broad based sponsorship across all of F3Nation, particularly F3 Charlotte and surrounding areas where SPEED-FOR-NEED will initially operate.  So no amount is too small: $10.03, $13, $23 $33, $3 million dollars (ok not that… we don’t want to manage that much money) .  Please make sure to put your F3 name and region in the comments.  The donation link is here: SPEED-FOR-NEED DONATION LINK
  2. Please spread the word for us! Copy this pre-blast link and/or the donation link in your backblasts, share it with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder….. (ok maybe not Tinder). Talk about SPEED-FOR-NEED in COT at every workout, and please T-Clap this preblast so all men of F3 can see the opportunity SPEED-FOR-NEED is presenting to serve kids with disabilities and increase the exposure for F3Nation to thousands of people at every race.
  3. If your F3 region is invested in a local race (reasonable driving distance from Charlotte) that you would like SPEED-FOR-NEED to be present at, we want to hear from you!  And we will do our best to put you on the race calendar.  Your region will have the opportunity to Q that event, identify, support, and push rider-athlete(s) in your chosen race, and fundraise for the cause of your choosing.

We hope that after reading this preblast, watching the video, and visualizing the tremendous opportunity SPEED-FOR-NEED presents for children with disabilities and the growth of F3Nation, you will choose to be a part of SPEED-FOR-NEED in some way, shape, or form, and and make a donation CROWDRISE DONATION LINK .  It takes a village to raise a child. Will each of us in F3Nation be that village and each of us donate something to get make the impossible possible for these children?
And if SPEED-FOR-NEED isn’t something you have a passion for, or stirs your heart like it has done to ours, we understand.  But we do hope that by reading this, you are inspired to seek out, support, and lead another worthy cause that accomplishes the mission of F3 ‘for the invigoration of male community leadership’.  Please reach out to us on Twitter: @JRRTolkienF3 or @F3Nash with any questions or if you would like to help in any other way.  Thank you very much for your consideration.
With Appreciation and God Bless,
The Future Athlete-Riders of SPEED-FOR-NEED, F3Nation, Ainsley’s Angels of America, JRR Tolkien and Nash
SPEED-FOR-NEED *SAMPLE* Race Schedule (we want to be pushing EVERY RACE WEEKEND!)
JAN                      Joe Davis Run 5K / 10K for Addiction Recovery (Fort Mill, SC – F3 The Fort)
FEB                       <YOUR RACE, YOUR RIDER, YOUR CAUSE, YOUR F3 REGION!!!>      
MAR                      Run Jen Run 5k to end Breast Cancer (Charlotte, NC – A51 / SOB)
APR                      Community Foundation Run 5K (Gastonia, NC – F3 Gastonia)
APR                       Richard Sheltra Memorial 10K / 5K (Pineville, NC – F3 A51 / SOB)
MAY                      Cannoli Run 5K (Fort Mill, SC – The Fort)
MAY                      Lexington 3rdF 5K to end Leukemia (Lexington, SC – F3 Lexington)
JUNE                     King Tiger 5k for YMCA (University Area, Charlotte, NC – F3 MECA)
SEPT                      St Jude 5k to end Childhood Cancer (Charlotte, NC – F3 Metro)
SEPT                      Summer Sizzler 5k (Virginia Beach, VA – F3 VA Beach)
OCT                        <YOUR RACE, YOUR RIDER, YOUR CAUSE, YOUR F3 REGION!!!>
NOV                       Turkey Dash 4mi (South Charlotte, Charlotte NC – F3 SOB / A51)
NOV                        Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot 4mi (South Charlotte, NC – F3 Metro)
NOV                       Novant Charlotte Marathon (Charlotte, NC – F3 Metro)
DEC                        Run Run Rudolph 5k/10K (University Area, Charlotte, NC – F3 MECA)
DEC                        Huntersville Half Marathon & 5k (Huntersville, NC – F3 Isotope)