Hot Dam Convergence

QIC:  Threeskin

Date: 02/08/2020

PAX: Fissure, Sidekick, Sunburn, Jaywalk, gusher, moneyball, burrito, FNG-Mendoza, Prosciutto, Gaylord, Mayhem, Bubbles, Iron Butt, Bernie, Geek Squad, Shot Put, Doodles, Fastlane, Skitch, U-Turn, Milkman, FNG-Snips, Free Candy, Tinkle, Back Pew

AO: The Dame


Snow? – < that was written more than 24 hrs before the convergence. My wish came true…


Many discussion have taken place regarding what constitutes a warm up. I stand by my belief that we are supposed to STRETCH before the disclaimer and the WARM UP is the COP or Circle of Pain after the disclaimer. However, today we are honoring the wonton and his version of a warm up.

Warm Up: Hotel SSH
50 SSHs IC – Take me to the bridge…

The Thang

Todays Thang is an inspired beatdown from the wonderful body of work of Fissure and Sidekick BackBlasts. Hats off and TClaps to you gentlemen.

Sept 2019 – Fissure: SLAUGHTER STARTER: Convergence Style, with feeling! (and coupons)
– Partner up and select a coupon that will stay with you and just Take It Easy
10 burpees
Run to other end with coupon
9 squats
Run to other end with coupon
8 burpees
Run to other end with coupon
7 squats
Run to other end with coupon
6 burpees
Run to other end with coupon
5 squats
Run to other end with coupon
4 burpees
Run to other end with coupon
3 squats
Run to other end with coupon
2 burpees
Run to other end with coupon
1 squat
Run to other end with coupon – finish line, time to Take It to the Limit

First team back – 2 Merkins then Plank and do what subsequent finishers do.
Second team back – 4 Merkins then Plank and do what subsequent finishers do.
Third team back – 6 Merkins then Plank and do what subsequent finishers do.
Forth team back – 8 Merkins then Plank and do what subsequent finishers do.
Fifth team back – 10 Merkins then Plank and do what subsequent finishers do.
And so on… Winning Team calls cadence and decides who finished and when.
Ties are counted as one single place finisher.

Okay Desperado… Time to hand it over.

May 2018 – Sidekick: Three Ring Circus.  Something new to provide a little competition in the group and hopefully build some burst and lung function – Threeskin Hurricane Style

Everything ZEN
Break up into teams of 3

Block Curls, Plank and Sprint. 
Sprint is roughly 40 yds down and 40 yds back. “This time on a hill!
I left my yardage wheel in my other compression shorts so work with me here.” (Sidekick, 2018) – Funny, me too… Guess an SLD will have to do.

The circus goes like this:
RING ONE Comedown: One guy sprints while one guy knocks out curls and the third holds plank. When the sprinter is back, the block drops and PAX takes off.  Plank goes to block, sprinter goes to Plank.  Once everyone has completed the circuit move to the next ring and do it again. Go until the six has completed all three rings.

Little Things: Winning team holds starts WMHs, 2nd Place (1st loser (Ricky Bobby)) gets 4 burpees, 3rd place (2nd loser) gets 8 burpees, and 4th Place (Rhino’s tail) gets 12 Burpees. – Edit to 3-6-9 to get more rounds in. Swap Testosterone teams.

RING TWO Sabotage: One guy lunges while one guy knocks out Milatary Press and the third holds hip bridge. When the lunger is back, the block drops and MP takes off.  Bridge goes to block, lunger goes to Bridge.  Repeat until all 3 PAX have completed all 3 stations 3 times. 

RING THREE Just Because: Groups run to blocks, one PAX continues to lot performs burpee number that coordinates with the ring. Rings, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1,

Mary – Back In Black (Sidekicks Wardrobe) Planks to failure. When you drop out, go motivate or trash talk, your pick.


Counted and Named – 27

Be a leader! step up and say something or let your actions show. This is the best place to practice.


Burrito hotline, how may I help you?

Moneyball, (ctrl+p) and rip away…

Welcome Jaywalk! 2 weeks in and hitting up a convergence. Well done!

I got to witness a baseball slide by a professional.

Fissure will fall for anything in the gloom. (4 Burpees, LMAO!!!)

Seemed like a lot more going on that I just didn’t get to hear. Thanks for the honor of the Q today.


Tuff Muff – 2/22

Oh yeah, we have a new Nantan, did you know? 😉

Recent Backblasts

    2nd Annual Fallen Five Memorial Event

    QIC: Italian Job and Catfish

    Date: 07/13/2019

    PAX: Fissure, Prosciutto, John Doe, Sunburn, Hobo, Steam, Sidekick, Dixie Chick, Vila, DNF, DuckTales, Skitch, Sunshine, Bloodhound, Three Skin, Candu, V-Squared, Mr. Clean, Rollback, Zohan, Exile, Whiz, Inseam, Mufasa, Fastlane, Ringwald, Cluso, Milkman, Back Pew, Doubtfire, Gut Check, Do-si-do, Hasbro, Bernie, FNG-Billy Blanks, FNG-Osteen, Bubbles, POS, Madoff, FNG-Frankenberry, Early Bird, Duggar, FNG-Echo, Mayhem, Lutefisk, J-Wow, Venus, Iron Butt, FNG-Judy

    AO: The Dame


    Humbling, Heartwrenching, and Humid


    Circle Up in the lower parking lot

    • 20 SSH (IC)
    • 15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
    • 15 Merkins (IC)
    • 15 Low Slow Squats (IC)

    Mosey up the hill to the flags

    • 10 LBCs (IC)
    • 15 Flutters (IC)
    • 15 Box Cutters (IC)
    • 30 American Hammers (IC)

    The Thang

    Mosey to the lower parking lot

    Sprint back to the upper hill

    • Sgt. Carson Holmquist – 25, survived by wife Jasmine, son Wyatt, and daughter Wrylin (whom he never met). Deployed to Afghanistan twice as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. He was so proud of being a Marine that when he finished boot camp, he returned to his hometown of Grantsburg, Wisconsin, and paid a visit to his high school dressed in his formal blues. A bald eagle is said to have followed the funeral procession and watched the burial perched in a tree above.25 True Americans (OYO)Mosey to the side lotSprint back
    • Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith – 24, survived by wife Angie and daughters Lyla, Eila, and Kyla. He loved baseball and the song “Sweet Caroline.”24 Carolina Dry Docks (IC)Mosey to the top lotSprint back
    • Gunnery Sgt. Tommy Sullivan – 40, was deployed twice during the Iraq War and received two Purple Hearts. The Pentagon said he had been enlisted nearly 18 years. Described as a “Marine’s Marine.”40 Merkins (OYO)Mosey to the side lotSprint back
    • Lance Cpl. Skip Wells – 21, was known for always smiling, even at 3AM wake-ups. Wells loved flag football, Nerf guns and U.S. history. He dreamed of being a drill sergeant.21 BurpeesMosey to the lower lotSprint back
    • Staff Sgt. David Wyatt – 39, survived by wife Lorri, and two children. Wyatt served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. As a young man, he was known to run up mountains, just for fun seeking to be the fastest. Wyatt directed his junior troops to clear a nearby neighborhood park that was packed with children. In the face of danger, he thought of others.39 Mountain Climbers (IC)

    Turn over PAX to Catfish

    • Mosey to the bottom of the hill and find a partner

    There were three rucks placed up the hill, the first at 15 yards, the second at 30 yards, the fourth at 45 yards

    • Round 1: 
      • Lunge Walk 15 yards, sprint back, Lunge Walk 30 yards, Sprint back, Lunge Walk 45 yards, sprint back
      • Plank for the six
    • Round 2:
      • Burpee Broad Jump (same pattern as above 
    • Round 3:
      • Partner Wheelbarrow (same pattern as above)
    • Round 4:
      • Partner Carries (same pattern as above) 

    Catfish brought us back to the flags atop of the hill and shared a brief word about the importance of locking shields with the brothers in our life and facing the storms of life together – we’re stronger together and running from them only leaves us worn and ragged. 


    Moleskin/PAX Reflections

    YHC could not be more proud of the PAX as we shared the Gloom together. The work wasn’t easy and the heat didn’t help, but the PAX continued to push through the suck. To see such a crowd turn out in honor five heroes, was truly humbling. 

    TClaps to Mr. Clean for organizing the event and the extracurricular ruck. It’s clear that this region has a special thing going. Thank you each for the hospitality. I encourage you to continue lifting up your brothers and honoring each other with your commitment.

    As you prepare for the week ahead, take a few minutes to remember Sgt. Holmquist, Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith, Gunnery Sgt. Tommy Sullivan, Lance Cpl. Skip Wells, and Staff Sgt. David Wyatt. Pray for their families, friends, and loved ones. There is no question these men were just like us – just trying to be better in order to lead their families and communities towards greater things. These #HIM may have been lost, but they will never be forgotten. Live this week in remembrance of them. Be the light this dark work so desperately needs. 


    –Italian Job

    Reflections: 2nd Annual Fallen Five Reflections

    Recent Backblasts

      Memorial Day “Murph”

      QIC: Fissure

      Date: 05/27/2019

      PAX: Sunburn (Respect), Red Tees, The Count (Respect), Prosciutto, Mr. Clean, Geek Squad, Fabio, U-turn, Moneyball, VSquared, Odd Job, Threeskin, Best in Show (Respect), Goose, FNG-Clouseau, Fastlane, Peanuts, Sunshine, Sidekick, Carebear, Mayhem (Respect), Bernie

      AO: The Dame


      Humid.  Who decided to start this at 0700?


      Forward Fold
      Willy Mays Hayes

      The Thang

      We gathered in the lot by the playground to discuss the plan.  Pax were encouraged to complete the workout as they saw fit.  The mile loop was explained (run to Erwin Marine front doors and back essentially).  Pax chose to either run the full mile with reps in between or broke up the running with reps in between.  Tough either way.

      The Murph (modified/no weighted vest)

      • 1-mile run
      • 100 big boy sit-ups (modified from pull-ups)
      • 200 merkins
      • 300 air squats
      • 1-mile run


      We made sure to remember what Memorial Day is all about.  We’re all thankful for our freedoms and the men and women who sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy it.


      Props to Threeskin who finished first.  Turns out breaking up the run gives you an edge. 

      Carebear is a smart man.  He presented Prosciutto with a finder’s fee for a lead resulting in some biz.  FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS!  

      Threeskin gave us a sneak preview of the new Hacksaw flag.  Legit!

      Odd Job wore a shirt with a bunch of Michael Scott faces all over it.  Also legit.

      FNG Clouseau works for UPS in their investigations division.  Props to Fastlane for getting him out there.

      Moneyball has bone spurs and is either stubborn as hell or a beast.

      The Count took some beautiful pics on his fancy camera and Prosciutto tweeted it out to the masses with special hashtags because he’s a good listener.  Or not.


      Fallen Five Ruck event – 7/13, 0700 The Dame

      Recent Backblasts