The One Where Steam Engine Q’s at Huey

QIC: Steam Engine

Date: 6/23/2020

PAX: Ducktales, Couch Potato, Milkman, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Blue, Roomba, Gretel


Conditions: Cool 68 degree. Rain new better than to show up.


Burpees OYO 5x

SSH IC 12x

Alternating Toe Taps IC 12x

Imperial Walker IC 12x

Windmill IC 12x

3rd Grade Exercise IC 12x

Infinity Plank

Alternating Toe Taps IC 12x

Merkins OYO 5x

Plank Jacks IC 12x

Merkins OYO 5x

Plank March IC 12x

Merkins OYO 5x


Mosey to Pavilion

Wall Sit w/ Muhammad Ali IC 12x


Wall Sit w/ Joe Frazier IC 12x


Wall Sit w/ Shoulder Press IC 12x


Wall Sit w/ Bus Driver IC 12x


Wall Sit w/ Moroccan Night Club IC 12x


Now pull all the wall sit exercises together

Wall sit w/ Muhammad Ali IC 12x, Joe Frazier IC 12x, Shoulder Press IC 12x, Bus Driver IC 12x, and Moroccan Night Club IC 12x


Mosey to back parking lot for some Animal Crossing

Bear Crawl down parking lot and back

Duck Walk down parking lot and back

Frog Jump down parking lot and back

Backward Bear down parking lot and back

Crab Walk down parking lot and back

Circle up for a light Shoulder Blaster

Little Baby Arm Circles IC 10x

Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles IC 10x

Chinook IC 10x

Reverse Chinook IC 10x

Moroccan Night Club IC 10x

Overhead Clap IC 10x

Seal Clap IC 10x

Big Baby Arm Circles IC 10x

Reverse Big Baby Arm Circles IC 10x

Mosey to the resting grounds of the Watch Tower for a long Mary

RBC IC 12x

LBC iC 12x

Hello Dolly IC 12x

Rosalita IC 12x

Box Cutters IC 12x

Pretzel IC 10x

Switch side Pretzel IC 10x

Heel Taps IC 12x

Big Boy Sit Up OYO 10x

Dealers Choice

Burpees OYO 10x

Side Plank both sides

Big Boy Sit ups




Announcements: 4th of July Convergence check slack for details.

Ducktales is making a 12 man team for the Blue Ridge Relay join BRR channel if intrested

Prayer Request

WOD: “If you are going to be angry be angry about the right think” Father Arthur Howard . He said this during his homily a couple weeks ago talking about people protesting BLM and COVID-19 CDC guidelines. You can assume which one is more important. I also took the message as life while pull you in different directions and you need to decide where you will focus your energy. Are you focusing your energy at the right things or are you wasting your energy being mad at something like someone at Starbucks misspelling your name. Take time and see where you are focusing your energy and where you are angry at the wrong things.

Almond Joys and Burpees

QIC: Steam Engine
Date: 02/16/2019
PAX: Skitch, Money Ball, Doodles, Fissure, V-Squared, Iron Butt (Respect), Initech, Sunburn (Respect), Jabooti
AO: Landfill
Conditions: Calm 53 degrees

Disclaimer: I am not a professional painter/artist nor am I a Clemson fan. Seriously, I am not a professional trainer and you are here on your own free will. Push yourselves this morning if you need to modify as necessary. If you get hurt we will help you to your car and point you to the right direction.
Burpees OYO 10x (Newly painted shovel flag was on site just wanted to start with some burpees)
Imperial Walker IC 20x
Windmill IC 10x
Cotton Pickers IC 10x
Little Baby Arm Circles IC 10x
LBAC Reverse IC 10x
Chinook IC 10x
Moroccan Night Club IC 10x
Cherry Pickers IC 10x
Big Baby Arm Circles IC 10x
BBAC Reverse IC 10x
The Thang
Wall Sits with Muhammad Ali’s IC 15x
Wall Sits with Joe Frazier’s IC 15x
Wall Sits with Shoulder Press IC 15x
Wall Sits with with Bus Driver IC 15x
Now put them all together
Wall Sits with Muhammad Ali’s, Joe Frazier’s, Shoulder Press, Bus Driver IC 10x each exercise
10 count
Extended mosey to bottom gate
10 count
Indian Run to next parking lot (front man carries ruck while last man does 5 squats and sprints to the front and gets the ruck)
10 count
Parking Lot  #1
Lunge walk to the end of lot do 10 squats and backwards lunge back
Hold Al Gore til the 6 arrives
Rinse and Repeat 3x
Bernie Sanders to next parking lot
Parking Lot #2
Bear Crawl to the end of lot do 10 merkins and backwards bear back
Hold Plank til the 6 arrives
Rinse and Repeat 2x
Indian Run to top parking lot
Find a nice Dwayne
Hammer Time
American Hammer IC 15x
American Hammer with Coupon IC 10x
American Sledgehammer (place all the Dwayne’s in one pile and make a line. First PAX picks up Dewayne and passes it to the next PAX and Dewayne gets passed down. Do this til all Dewayne’s are at the end and then return them back.)
LBC IC 10x
RBC IC 10x
Hello Dolly IC 10x
Rosalita IC 10x
Pretzel IC 8x
Pretzel Switch IC 8x
Burpees OYO 10x

Got hit with 25 burpees due to the FNG challenge
Prayer Request: That the burpees come easy and we have the strength to do them
WOD: Forgot to say my WOD due to the looming burpees and completely forgot. But it was what my shirt read “No one fights alone”. Live is tough without people. Take the time to check in with your loved ones and your F3 brothers.

Mumble Chatter was very limited but enjoyed the company of these HIM.
Made good on my bet and painted the shovel flag and got Fissure a bag of almond joy’s.
If we learned anything do not bet against Clemson.

Huey Open

QIC: Steam Engine
PAX: Mr. Clean, FNG-Ducktales, Geiger, Cherry Log
Date: 05/01/2018
AO: Huey
Conditions: Gym Short and short sleeve weather not quite sweat angle weather but almost

Disclaimer: I’m Steam Engine on Q this AM. I am not a pro, you are here on your own free will, push yourself but modify if necessary.
Burpee OYO 5x
Little Arm Circles IC 15x
LAC (Reverse) IC 15x
Chinook IC 15x
Infinity Plank
Merkins IC 5x
Alternating Shoulder Taps IC 15x
Merkins IC 5x
Plank Jacks IC 15x
Merkins IC 5x
Next up a light stroll to the Love Shack 2.0
The Thang:
Dips IC 10x
Incline Merkins IC 10x
Infinity Wall Sit
Muhammad Ali IC 10x
Joe Frazier IC 10x
Shoulder Press IC 10x
Bus Driver IC 10x
Dips IC 10x
Incline Merkin IC 10x
Itsy Bitsy Spider IC 10x
Dips 10x
Incline Merkins IC 10x
Balls To The Wall IC 10 count
That’s enough quality time spent in the Love Shack 2.0. Time for another light stroll to the tennis courts for some Animal Crossing
Bear-icides (suicides but instead of running you bear crawl them)
Leapfrog down and back (broad jump)
Duck Walk down and back
Crab Walk down and back
Wheelbarrow down switch with partner and come back rinse and repeat 3x
Still had some time and since it was YHC VQ at the Huey I wanted to take a stroll to the gazebo from some Mary
RBC IC 12x
LBC IC 12x
Flutter Kicks IC 12x
Hello Dolly IC 12x
Rosalita IC 12x
Pretzel IC 8x
Pretzel IC 8x (switch sides)

Name-o-rama (Felt it was finally time to name FNG To Be… so we did and thus welcome Duck Tales to the group)
Fearless Warrior prepare for battle
Stand your ground
Fearless warrior dawn your armor
Be prepared for all things-Good and bad
Fearless Warrior hold your head up high
Don’t get discouraged
This battle will only be for a little while
Fearless warrior prepare for battle
Stand your ground
Fearless Warrior dawn your armor
Hold true to your heart’s desires
Fearless Warrior
Don’t forget to look around you
Don’t forget you have backup
Fearless Warrior stand your ground
Prepare for battle
Fearless Warrior remember
you don’t always have to be fearless

The Tortoise and The Hare

QIC: Steam Engine
PAX: Prosciutto, Vila, Whittler, The Count, Picasso, Sundance, Bogey, Mr. Clean, Marco Polo, Wort, Laces Out, Early Bird
Date: 02/20/2018
AO: Hill City
Conditions: A cool 55 degrees warm enough for gym shorts and a t-shirt

 Disclaimer: Here on your own free will, am not a professional, modify if you need to but push yourselves this morning
Mosey to Great Hall for COP.
SSH IC 15x
Cherry Pickers IC 10x
Windmill IC 10x
Imperial Walker IC 15x
Alternating Toe Taps IC 15x
The Thang:
Wall Sits w/ Muhammad Ali IC 15x
Wall Sits w/ Joe Frazier IC 15x
Wall Sits w/ Shoulder Press IC 15x
Next mosey over to the turtle statue next to the carousel. Drop off rucks and line up.
Indian Run around small track in Coolidge Park.
The Tortoise and The Hare B.O.M.B.S
Partner up with each team having 1 ruck.
Partner 1 will walk with ruck while Partner 2 performs the exercise and chases down Partner 1 to swap out
Burpee 50 (Do 5 burpees at a time and swap)
Outlaws 100 (Do 10 at a time)
Merkins 150 (Do 15 at a time)
Was not able to complete the rest due to time but here is the rest of the beatdown
Big Boy Sit Ups 200 (Do 20 at a time)
Squats 250 (Do 25 at a time)

FBC at Track Ends starting 0600
Chattanooga Marathon Relay March 4
Ragnar Race searing for an extra runner contact Picasso
Prayer Request:
All the men traveling this week. (Ohms, Angus, Laces Out)
Families involved in school shooting
WOD: Dream Big For We Have A Big God. I ran a 15k this past weekend. I knew I could finish but was not expecting to do it with an 11 minute pace. I just want to thank all the men of F3 Chatt for pushing me everyday I’m in town. All through college we are taught about SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Timely). I never really liked this because it ask to set an attainable goal. Why set a goal you know you can reach. I feel people do this because we are afraid of taking risk and even more of failure. Growing up I was told to set goals that the only way you can accomplish them is with the help of God. Sure you might fail but that is a part of life and how you handle failure will determine the type of person you become. Dan Gable, one of my favorite wrestlers, was undefeated his HS career and up to his senior year in college where he would lose his last match as a senior in the NCAA finals, but although he lost his senior year he went on to win an Olympic Gold medal the following year. So I leave you with a quote from the great Dan Gable “I’m the type of person who sets high goals and work hard to attain those goals, but I am only human.”