The Great Bambinooooo

60 Degrees and no rain
Welcome and Disclaimer
YHC welcomed an FNG and ran through the full disclaimer
The Thang
Six faithful pax mosey to the River in the dark
Stretch-o-rama / COP
Each stretch held for a 20 count to get the muscles loose, YHC mumbles something about yoga.
– Toe Touch
– Loose Hang
– Baseball stretch
– Quad Stretch
– Upward Reach
– Tricep
– Across Chest Arm Stretch
After much peace and tranquility observed by the river watching the sunrise, there was a whole lotta mumble of fear about the impending doom this must mean.
COP all excercises done IC
Focus on Legs
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– High Knees x 20
– Wide High Knees x 20
– SSH x 20
– Ass Kickers x 20
Focus on Arms (keep those arms up!)
– Merkins (4 count) x 20
– LAC x 20, forwards and backwards
– Chinooks x 20, 1 way
– Moroccan Night Club x 20
There was much mumble chatter after that shoulder busting warm up. Keep those arms up.
Mosey to the Top
We hit the swingset for a little Modified Wooleyworm. Grab a buddy.
1 Pax sets up for wooleyworm by placing feet in the swing and arms in plank position while holding the feet of the buddy who is in position for Big Boy Sit Ups, try to stay together. 20 Reps and swap. Rinse and Repeat One more time.
This had most pax mumbling.
Mosey to the Ball Fields

Pit Stop at the dug out for a quick wall sit. hold for 1 minute. Pax had some mumble going on trying to cut time short.
Proceed to the Diamond for something special.
The Great Bambino
After the Colossus of Clout  the Sultan of Swat this exercise gives every pax the opportunity to feel like the great bambino by rounding the bases.  This is a good opportunity for all pax to work hard to make the exercise as easy or difficult as they choose.
All pax congregate at homeplate in a single line and perform an exercise AMRAP while 1 pax at a time runs all the way around the diamond. Each runner returns to the end of the line and resumes the exercise. The pax are encouraged to run fast, because the faster they run the fewer reps they will have to perform. Or run slow and make it suck. Once each pax has run a lap they proceed to the next exercise. Exercises performed: Merkin AMRAP, LBC AMRAP, and Plankjacks AMRAP.
10 count from FNG. The pax were thankful this guy knew how to perform a solid 10 count.
Mosey to the Boat Ramp
Each pax grabs a rock and circles up near by. Gus instructed the pax about proper rock picking technique. After all rocks had been picked YHC instructed pax that they should be pick a rock they could part with because there will be a modified conveyor belt.
Rock BLOCK: 
Each pax holds there coupon and performs the exercise as instructed then passes it to the right. Exercises performed should spell out the word B-L-O-C-K. 
B – Bent over rows x 5
L – Lunges x 10
O – Overhead press x 15
C – Curles, Top Curl x 5 Bottom Curl x 5, Full Curl x 10
K – Kettle Bell Swing x 25
YHC handed over the reins to Gus to bring it home.
Indian Run
Indian Run to an undisclosed location. We proceeded until we reached near the entrance of the park when Gus called a Free Willy to the shovel flag. All pax proceeded to sprint and yell and spit and huff their way back to the shovel flag.
Welcome to FNG Burner. Made it through with flying colors. We’re glad to have you and we look forward to seeing you back during the week.
Laces out son is doing much better, Gus has had some great progress in the job environment, Angus is thankful to have the pax, and Burner’s friend has been having some health issues.
Proud to see this group of men work hard and continue to get better. We are continually pushing the rock up the hill and while it might not get any easier the view sure does improve.
Angus Out