Conditions:  Clear Skies and Slightly chilly

Gave the dislaimer on the run and welcomed to Alter Boy in town on business. Glad you could make it to Hill City.
Mosey to the Blue Rhino
The River Of Tears
This is an ode to the pax from North Augusta, SC where YHC first experienced The ROT. This is a bit of a modification but still sucks nonetheless. Begin workout at the first bench and proceed to repeat exercises at every bench along the river.
Exercises are as follows:
– Burpees x 10
– Step ups x 10 (one leg)
– Squats x 15
– Step ups x 10 (other leg)
– 20 Merkins
Repeat at every bench along the river front until time expires. If you make it to the end (about 15 benches) with time to spare, sprint back to the beginning and begin again. Each full lap = 1 token.
Pax report tokens earned at COT.
Mosey back to the Shovel Flag for quick aborama.
– American Hammer x 20
– Flutter Kicks x 20
– Box Cutters x 20